Binary Matrix Pro Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Binary Matrix Pro, found online at, is a new method of making money through binary options investing that promises you a chance to earn an average of $106 with their new software.

The video presentation on their website goes into great detail about how the current beta testers trying out their specialized software are making over $100 dollars an hour just by pressing a button.

In addition, they say that you can use this software for free, over a trial period of 40 days, investing $300 worth of credit they will provide to you so you can see whether or not you are ready and willing to invest your own money.

Binary Options Trading

The Binary Matrix Pro software is intended to help people invest their money in binary options. Binary options are a specific type of options trading for a variety of markets, including stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies.

To trade binary options, investors decide whether the value of an option will go up – or Call – or go down – or Put, over the course of a specified period of time which ranges from as small as sixty seconds to as long as six months.

Click Click Money focuses on sixty second binary options, saying that their software monitors the binary options market all day long, and will signal you the best times to earn money, which you can take advantage of just by clicking their button.

Keep In Mind

Binary Matrix Pro says that their software is not available for sale. Instead, after the trial period is over, customers will be able to purchase packages of signals at various prices which they don’t disclose, other than saying they can be as low as $5 for 500 signals.

In addition, they also say they are the only software available for sixty second binary options trading signals, which isn’t exactly true. Profit in 60 Seconds offers the same software with a different set up. And of course there are other binary options trading companies, like Redwood Binary and

Finally, the most important thing to always remember is that in addition to purchasing alert signals, you are also investing your own money and as in any investment situation, you are always able to lose your investment, so you should never invest more money than you could comfortably lose.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I tried this a couple of years ago. I lost all $300 within a few days. More loss than gain continuously. I felt foolish for trying this.
  • Invested $250 - followed every buy (put or call) signal - in one day account is at 178.00 - not even a break even - average is about a signal every 30 minutes or so - their bot only works with 60 second Hyper-Trades - save your money and look elsewhere
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