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Blog Beast is being called “the second generation blogging system” of the well known and long established internet marketing program Empower Network created by Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe.

The Empower Network is often described as being an all-in-one internet marketing system, which gives its users the ability to use a wide variety of tools, such as blogs, lead capture pages, email lists, autoresponders, and much more to maintain and expand their internet based business.

Current members of the Empower Network will be automatically transferred to Blog Beast once the program is officially launched; new members can sign up for the same price of the current program, just $25 per month.

The Differences

According to their sales presentation, Blog Beast has updated and improved the features of their original program. Empower Network creator Dave Sharpe has compared their new system to the popular WordPress blog system.

He has been quoted as saying that as WordPress has advanced its features and capabilities, it has become increasingly difficult and complicated to use. Blog Beast is meant to offer a host of advanced features along with ease and simplicity of use.

Some of the improvements of this new system over the previous are that you can now maintain and operate several blogs from the same account, as well as use a mobile app so that you can maintain your account from both your computer and your smart phone.

What to Consider

In general, the issue with “all-in-one” marketing systems is that they make you reliant on them because they provide all the tools and all functions you need to make your business not only successful, but to run at all.

This means that if you ever have an issue with this program and wish to leave – and Blog Beast says that members are welcome to cancel their subscription at any time – that you will likely have to create your business from the ground up all over again.

The other issue that users have complained about is that the creators of Empower Network and Blog Beast regularly contact their users and encourage them to upgrade and purchase upsells on the program.

New customers who are interested in using this system may want to be aware of that before they subscribe so they are prepared to properly evaluate any upgrades before they invest in them.

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