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from 87 reviews Review It, established in 2009, allows people to buy or sell gift cards in one of the largest and fastest growing gift card exchanges on the internet today.

Unlike other gift card exchanges, Cardpool buys gift cards directly from you, which gives them the ability to verify the balance and authenticity of the card, and then holds it until someone wishes to purchase it from them.

They purchase gift cards at up to 92% of their value, and sellers will receive their payment within 24 hours of when receives the gift card.

Those looking to buy cards from will find a large variety available at up to 35% off. All gift cards are shipped USPS first class and arrive within 3-7 days. Electronic gift cards will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase. does not charge any taxes, fees, or shipping costs, so the advertised price of the card is the only price you pay.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Cardpool " is 2.54 out of 5 based on 87 reviews.
  • Company very unserious, i sent my giftcards and they returned giftcards without any reason.

    I Sent my giftcard to another company and received my payment without problems.

    I don´t recommend never.
  • I was in an american Eagle store, they were having a huge sale. everything was at least 30% off. I pulled out my cellphone, bought an AE Electronic gift card (@ 20% off), showed it to the cashier, and used it immediately to get an additional 20% off on top of the sale price. Why wouldn't you use this service? You can trust it. I have used it several times. Don't ever buy anything without checking cardpool first.
  • So far, I've bought a physical card, bought an electronic card and canceled an order. In all three cases, the service was very responsive and I was happy with it.

    I think there's only one worry - a dishonest seller can write down the card details (card number and access code) before selling it to cardpool and after some days (when you've bought it), use the card details to buy something online on the company's website. offers you a 100-day guarantee against such transactions. I think that's the best feature of the site and as long as you use the gift cards within 100 days from buying them from cardpool, you should be alright.

    This guarantee is the reason I buy cards from cardpool, when there are other sites which can offer me deeper discounts.
  • Living in Hawaii, we receive gift Garda from relatives that we cannot use here. A friend referred me to Cardpool in order to sell my cards. I was surprised at how easy it was and shocked at the amount I was paid for each of my gift cards. I have already recommended Cardpool to several friends.
  • I can find no fault with this company. I have been buying and selling for about a year and have never had a problem. My orders always arrived promptly. When selling, the no mailing list is great and thee has not been any problem. A very reliable company.
  • Was very leary about this site but bought over $2K of Lowes cards and they worked perfectly. Will definitely use again!!!
  • I have purchased several gift cards from cardpool, I have purchased both the physical cards and the mobile cards. Both worked great
  • Totally legit. I've bought gift cards from Cardpool maybe a dozen times over the last few years. I've used 4 different gift card resale sites, and still cross-check them all each time I make a purchase, but Cardpool is by far my favorite. Fastest shipping, best inventory, best handling of electronic gift cards, and the best purchase "discounts" the vast majority of the time.
  • Ive spend well over $1000 buying card from cardpool over the last year and have never had an issue with any of them. I recommend carpool to all of my friends and use it often myself.
  • I had such a great experience with I wasn't sure if any of these card trading sites were on the up and up, But I gave cardpool a try. It was very easy to find the cards I wanted to exchange on-line and see the prices being offered for each one. I also checked other sites and Cardpool was offering the highest value for the cards. I sent the cards to the address given and I received an email telling me that my cards were received and that I could expect the check in the mail. the check arrived 2 days later.

    I will definitely use again.
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