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Cash is a relatively new work at home product by  CashGopher is raising a lot of eyebrows these days, and if you look around the internet you’ll find a variety of people saying a lot of theoretically good and theoretically bad about this program, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hard evidence one way or the other.

First of all, you should know that CashGopher claims you will get paid for literally doing nothing other than downloading their software for free.  In essence, CashGopher doesn’t need you to do anything, it just wants access to your computer, and they’re willing to pay you to get it.

Once Cash Gopher has access to your computer, it follows you as you search the web and overwrites the ads you see on other webpages, replacing the existing ads with its own ads from GeoAds.  Whereas currently as you surf the web, AdSense and other programs generate ads for you based on other sites and interests you have, you would no longer see those ads, as they would be replaced by GeoAds.

Also, CashGopher uses your computer processor while your computer is in idle mode to follow usage patterns, which are an important part of targeted ad research.  CashGopher will pay you between $1-$1000 a month for its use of your idle computer.

Finally, CashGopher also agrees to pay you 25% of the capital earned by any users you recommend to within the first year of your membership.

So What’s the Deal with CashGopher?

Well, we know what all the promises of CashGopher are, but people out there have a lot of questions.

The first question people have about CashGopher is whether or not it is safe.  The CashGopher software works just like any other spyware: once it’s downloaded, it records what you’re doing online.  Now, CashGopher promises that they will never record any email information, user names or passwords, but the reality is that the software has the ability to do so, which makes a lot of people very uncomfortable.

Next, a lot of questions have been raised about the legal issues of CashGopher replacing ads on webpages.  Advertisers have already paid money for their ads to appear on these sites, and Cash Gopher blocking these ads company wide and just using their own is bound to upset some people and potentially cause a legal dispute.

Finally, there doesn’t seem to be lot of specific information from anyone regarding how CashGopher compensates you for the use of your computer.  Many customers have complained that downloading CashGopher has made their computer slower, which is already irritating, and the only report of customer income out there is from a computer programmer who claimed that CashGopher used his PC for over 50 hours during the course of 5 days and his earnings were reported at $0.02.

Granted, the program works on it’s own and requires nothing more from you than to leave your computer idle, but $0.02 for 50 hrs seems a little hard to swallow. is a well respected company and people seem very hesitant that they would produce a program that was a scam, but CashGopher raises a lot of questions that you may want to consider before downloading.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Have been on it for over a year. $$$. It is an awkward software. pop ups are so random (except always on eBay). Still great. Easy money but it takes forever.
  • i got paid 2 times by gopher but when my 3rd payment was due to me i got banned also

    This account has been banned for improper use of the CashGopher software, resulting in unnatural browsing activity. Lol not sure what i did I'm a computer beginner and it took me weeks to figure how to use and download gopher maybe I surf sites they don't approve of or something???
  • OK i joined this instantly knowing it came from my lot and in 5 weeks time was banned for abuse of cash gopher software cauisng unusual browsing activity.

    Contacted them several times and no responses at all!

    I do not know how to hack software or anything else included in thier policies!

    SO therefore i suggest be prepared to get banned if you are online a lot like i'am 10 - 12 hrs per day and you are earning too much like i was and i had 25 referrals in one month's time gone all that money is gone and it was a nice amount!

    I guess i'm stuck with pennies at mylot and my blogs that i get paid from ads on them is what really has made money this past year !
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