Chris Carpenter’s Info Cash System Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Chris Carpenter’s Info Cash System describes itself as a seven step plan which provides “scam free income” that anyone can use to make money online with no experience or technical skills.

Chris Carpenter says that he is the creator of the Google Cash system, a system which taught people how to use Google AdWords to make money online within the affiliate marketing system.

He says that his new system will be just as successful and widespread as Google Cash, except this time it is using a new advertising platform. Customers who are interested in this training program can purchase it for $47 or $197 for the program and personal coaching.

How It Works

Affiliate marketing is a system of earning money online where you promote the goods and services of another company through links, and when these links result in sales, you will earn a commission.

Carpenter refers to this system as making money as “the middle man.” In his old system, you would post your links on Google, but his new system uses Facebook and the Microsoft search engine, Bing.

This system says that the trick to making money online is to have many different, small campaigns which run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where all you do is help people find and purchase items they already want to buy.

What to Consider

Most of what Christ Carpenter says is true – Facebook does have almost one billion users and is considered one of the newest platforms for advertising products to a large audience of consumers.

Unfortunately, most companies and advertisers have found that – so far at least – Facebook has not been a successful digital marketplace. People do not go there to find or buy products; they go there to talk and network with friends and family.

This does not mean that you cannot be successful with Facebook affiliate marketing, but it does mean that it will likely be a lot harder and require a lot more time and effort than is described in the sales video.

For customers who are still interested in trying this program for themselves, it is a Clickbank product, which means that if you are unhappy with your purchase you do have sixty days in which to request a full refund of the original purchase price. Any upgrades or additional programs you purchase after registering are only eligible if they are also sold through Clickbank.

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