Click Intensity Reviews – Legit or Scam?
No Reviews Yet Review It is the online home of Click Intensity, a website which describes itself as a brand new multi-level marketing (MLM) company that uses a “proven billion dollar business model.”

Click Intensity promises their potential members that they will have earning potential of between $500 and $5000 each and every day, with earnings opportunities every 30 minutes of each day.

Customers are welcome to sign up for a new membership completely for free at this time, but they also offer upgraded memberships that customers can pay for. At this time, it appears that an upgraded membership is priced at $25.

How It Works

There isn’t very much information on how this company works at this time, which they claim is because they are still in pre-launch mode. However, they describe themselves in two ways – as an MLM company and as a revenue sharing company.

Customers who sign up for a free membership will be able to take part in two different money earning opportunities. The first is the ability to purchase ad packs, click on ads, and then earn “share” the money that is being earned by all the members on the website clicking ads. They also offer additional money earning “tasks” at different times which can be complete for additional income.

Customers that choose to upgrade to a paid membership will have the same earnings opportunities as free members, but simply more of them and a higher share of the profits. The website promises that members that invest $25 will have a guaranteed ROI of $30.

The Concerns

Many, many other people online have voiced their concerns about this program, and it seems that the red flags and questions about Click Intensity are numerous and fairly serious.

First, many people accepted that this company wasn’t publishing a lot of information about how they operated because they were still in pre-launch mode until March 16. But nearly one month after their launch date, they haven’t added any more information whatsoever, making it questionable as to whether they’ve pushed back their launch or they simply aren’t willing to provide any more information.

The lack of information is troubling for a lot of reasons, but the most serious is understanding what it is that members get for their $25 investment, besides a $5 profit. Because if there is no real, physical product being distributed by this company, then they are not an MLM company nor a revenue sharing company – they are an illegal Ponzi scheme.

Since there are a lot of serious concerns about this company and how they operate, it’s best that people avoid Click Intensity at this time and work with another MLM or revenue sharing company until is willing to more forthcoming with this important information.

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