ClickBank Reviews – Legit or Scam?

ClickBankClickBank ( is a digital marketplace for products that you can purchase online.  ClickBank is probably the most popular resource for online vendors who are looking for a venue to market and sell their product, as well as affiliates who are looking for new products to promote.

ClickBank is a name well known throughout the work at home, online business community because many of the training programs and business opps being sold online today are sold through ClickBank.

ClickBank offers all their customers a guaranteed, no questions asked refund within 60 days of purchasing a product.  This guarantee is incredibly important to consumers.  When purchasing a product from a company you’ve never dealt with before, seeing the ClickBank logo lets you know that if you encounter any problems with your program or service, you can get your refund from ClickBank with no hassle.

So Why Do People Complain About ClickBank?

While ClickBank is most definitely not a scam, the problem that many people have is that ClickBank doesn’t have any requirements or screening process that stops disreputable companies from using their services.  The ClickBank marketplace is literally open to everyone.

Since ClickBank is considered a reputable company, when customers see the ClickBank logo on a payment page, they feel as though that is a sort of testimony to the quality of the product they are purchasing, when, in reality, the two things have nothing to do with one another.  ClickBank will sell a terrible program just as willingly as a great program.

ClickBank isn’t a review site or a quality control site.  They are simply a secure payment processing site in addition to being a place where vendors and affiliates can find each other.

When you see the ClickBank logo, simply know that it means two things: 1) that your payment page is secure, and 2) that you can have confidence in your ability to get a refund within 60 days if you need it.  The responsibility is still on you to throughly inspect the program you have purchased to make sure it fulfills your needs.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " ClickBank " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • They rejected me for no reason! I don't think I ever signed up before, but they just rejected me out of hand. Forget them!
  • I wont order any thing with out a live person and any one that dose so is asking for it. The computer is a hot spot for swindlers, be smarter than that. If people are selling something they should have an ordering phone number. If not, it's a scam.
  • I ordered a Trump coin for S & H $6.95. on 6-24. I called the 800 # Disconected After 3 weeks no coin, Money out of my account . The address listed on my Discover card does not exist,
  • please delete your info off of my e-mail soI can see something other than ClickBank or Iwill go to authorities to get it done. Thank you.
  • My name is Charles Peter Allen. I just paid $9.09 for a program after I pushed the pay now button nothing happened. Please give me the program I paid for or give me my money back. My E-mail is rallen64
  • I just want to know is clickbank a scam or not..?
  • I purchased an EZ Battery reconditioning plan for $47.00 but saw it for $27.00 on another site. It all looked fishy to me but I had by accident ordered the more expensive one. I contacted the clickbank the next day by email, and the next day no reply. So I contacted them again and this time I used their chat site. They issued a refund supposedly until the next day it said " We contacted the vendor and told them you wanted a refund but we changed it to Tech support and the client reclined and if you choose to change it go here". I went there but couldn't get there. So I chatted with them again and she pulled up the order and apologized and said it has been sent for a refund. I said to her that I hoped so because I would like to give them a 5 star. The next day I checked PayPal and the refund was there Haleluia. I would give them 5 stars but it was a difficult transaction because after selecting paypal it asked if they could use the bank acct that was on file with PayPal. Kind of strange but I said yes and then contacted my bank to only allow the $2.00 that was owed to complete the transaction. A lot of things made me wonder about them but all in all I will use them again now that it was all straightened out. The Vendor who I ordered the book from by digital, sent it right away with the bonuses every next Day. It is very informative on how to revive any kind of old battery and how to make your battery in your phone or devices last even longer. Now I have to go and reorder at the $27.00 cost cause I have the book and that's the right thing to do. Good Day and sorry for the long response but it needs to show the whole issue so you can order with them with confidence and know what to do if you want a refund if offered.
  • Thomas Murphy's review is spot on. Stay clear. One sign is that BEFORE you sign up there is no way to see what charges they have. Another warning sign is the incredibly aggressive selling pitch video they make you watch when you looking at signing up...
  • I doubt credibility of clickbank. I made one online payment for ebook. I was surprised when with mere details of the debit card money was deducted and no pin was asked, not even was I directed to my bank site which normal to any other transaction I made till date.

    I am worried if my card details could be misused.
    • Ur card details are secure now? Do they misuse...??reply me...even I faced the same situation...
  • Except that Clickbank charges a one-off $49.95 to the vendor to do exactly the sort of quality control you claim does not exist.

    So what are they charging the money for?

    Incidentally, vendors, the costs stack up like this:

    $49.95 one time "quality assurance fee"

    $1.00 plus 7.5% commission to Clickbank per sale

    50% (average) commission to affiliate

    That means that, for a $100 product, once approved, the costs look like this ...

    $1.00 to Clickbank "stock fee"

    $7.50 to Clickbank commission

    $50.00 to affiliate

    You are left with:

    $100.00 - $58.50 = $41.50 to the vendor.

    Worse is to come. All the above figures are "off the top". You still have to account for sales tax / value added tax or whatever you call it in your country. Where I am, that is 20%.

    So, 20% of $100 is $20.

    $41.50 - $20.00 = $21.50 ... not much of a return for all my hard work and substantially less than the affiliate who just put up a link.

    Steer clear!
    • So as a vendor you should probably select a more profitable product. Either during the purchase(low price) or the sale (markup). Your basically saying that clickbank got you a sale, that you would not have had without them.
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