Crazy Cash Club Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Crazy Cash Club, found online at, is a new money making opportunity that is currently trying to enroll one million new members into their earning program.

The video presentation says that members who enroll in this program can expect to earn $16,000 your first day, $120,000 your first year, and more than a million dollars the second year.

The program is quoted as being priced at around $147 for becoming a member and getting access to their suite of tools and resources for earning money and finding and signing up new members.

What is the Crazy Cash Club?

It seems as though the Crazy Cash Club is an entrepreneurial system that gives people the resources they need to make money in internet marketing, including web pages, sales tools, and more.

Specifically, however, members earn their money by signing up new members to also purchase this system and to become part of their downline. All purchases made by the members in your downline will contribute to your earnings – in fact, this is the primary way to earn money with this program, by enrolling new members.

The video presentation on their website does go into detail about how their compensation matrix works, which fees you earn percentages of and which fees at what times are directly matched.

The Red Flags

Unfortunately, the Crazy Cash Club makes outrageous earnings claims, saying that people can earn up to $16,000 on their very first day in the program, if they are successfully able to get ten people to enroll in the program, under their personal ID code.

The only real way they have of explaining how people will earn this kind of money, is by saying that you will earn a percentage of all the purchase fees of the members in your downline. The product everyone is getting in return is an internet marketing opportunity which they are also selling to new members to create their own downline.

The problem with this set up, and other companies like it, is that this system is dangerously close to a Ponzi scheme, in that the product people are buying is simply a way to earn money, and not an actual physical product. It is very easy for this type of system to collapse once the market is saturated and no new investors are coming on board.

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  • There is a lot of racism going on this platform crazycash mods and admins only want streamers from european countries, might as well put it on your policy with 21th century racism, if they don't like your color of skin they will ban you. Nothing but racist.
  • sure is a scam I was in it from the start (purchased their splash pages, advertising), while waiting for it to launch officially. Big promises of anyone in the top 5% & 10% would make big money was promised when business blasters launched. They continued to revamp the system repeatedly, & while I’m not technical it was probably to move people around to get the money. My big money at launch was a little over $3 & after revamping they took that! I was in the middle of the top 5%! When questioning them as to why they would simply get defensive & angry

    Roger and Martin made a lot of promises about how much money a person can make with their program. I sponsored people into Crazy Cash Club and never made a cent , it as just a lot of BS and broken promises. After they had a few thousand members they joined Ingreso Cybernetico and again Roger and Martin told the members they where going to make money because we where going into this program as a team and will make good money. This was nothing but BS and I know a lot of people who paid into this and never made any money. After IC Roger and Martin opened their Business Blasters website and asked the member for more money promising everyone they would make thousands of dollars. My advice to anyone looking to join these programs Roger and Martin are involved with is to think very carefully and to do your homework yourself or you could get scammed too
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