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Creating Wealth From Home Pro SystemGreg Montoya’s Creating Wealth From Home Pro System, which is found at, is an MLM recruiting, training, and support system.  The Creating Wealth From Home System isn’t necessarily for people working in existing multi level marketing business opportunities.  Instead, Greg Montoya’s Creating Wealth From Home System recruits people for a particular MLM company, and then provides further training and support to help you be successful.

Originally, the Creating Wealth From Home System worked with an MLM company called EcoQuest, who specialized in technology that was both good for the environment and health conscious, like air and water purifiers.  In the last year or so, however, EcoQuest has been bought out by Vollara, a similar company that has three full product lines varying from Weight Loss and Management, to Wellbeing, to Environmental Purity.

As far as Vollara’s products are concerned, they seem to have a decent reputation.  As one business associate for Vollara put it, “Some people feel the products fail for them, others are hooked for life.”  As with any product, especially in the health and wellness field, you’ll have a fair share of cheerleaders and detractors.

So What’s the Deal with the Creating Wealth From Home Pro System?

As anyone familiar with multi level marketing knows, the quality of the product is only half the battle.  In order to genuinely make money in an MLM opportunity, you must also have the ability to convince others to invest in this business, sell this product, and recruit themselves.  This is incredibly difficult, and has resulted in MLM having a murky reputation.

This is where Greg Montoya’s Creating Wealth From Home Pro System comes in.  Montoya teaches you how to avoid the old MLM recruiting tricks: hounding friends and family, cold calling, approaching strangers in public places or at parties to talk business.  Instead, Montoya aims to automate the lead finding aspect of MLM.

To this end, the Creating Wealth From Home Pro System involves website management, auto responders, scripts for personal phone calls, and more.  The whole concept is that if you get help finding your leads and securing them, aka building a solid downline, you will be less likely to leave the business.  And everyone else that you recruit will benefit from this as well.

Greg Montoya’s Creating Wealth From Home Pro System seems like a very helping hand if MLM is your thing.  The difficulty with MLM overall, though, is that it takes time, effort, perseverance, and lots of hard work to actually make a living doing it.  And unfortunately, sometimes that isn’t even enough.

Often times the best way to be successful with MLM is simply to get in at the top, so you have the best potential for creating a significant downline.  People joining the business at this juncture are unfortunately going to be at the bottom of the pyramid.  All of Montoya’s old customers from EcoQuest were absorbed into Vollara and all of their existing associates.

If you are genuinely looking into this opportunity to replace a job and make a livable, yearly salary, be prepared for a long, tough road.  It’s not impossible, but you’d definitely have to earn it.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • Yup you are smart alright. Just continue to work at your real pyramid where you can trade away your entire lifetime. Good luck and thanks for your wise recommendation. I will start looking for that enslavement as you right away.
  • I love direct sales. Not all companies are equal. I've was with EcoQuest, before that Alpine and made six figures in my first year and many many years thereafter until Vollara bought the company and screw the sales force by lowing commissions. The company did not want to update the air purifiers and half the products ship came DOA. All the major leaders left for more that one reason. Years go by looking for a product that sells itself is not easy, but now I have found that product that is changing lives and are seeing marketers in 90 days earning $20.000 per week, and this is not the top producer, the top producer is over $500,000 per month in 11 months. I have never seen a system so easy to market a product, we have prospects view a 3-minute video and call them back and go from there. I guess people get excited with seeing the results of over 500,000 men and women talking and show their results, its a no-brainer, so many time they are asking how to join before I ask and some just want to try it first, which is fine too. However direct sales is not for everyone, it requires picking up the phone and saying hello.
  • I want to join but find it very difficult to apply. I love you send me the form so I can apply. Thank you.
  • Legitimate Mlm is not a scam or pyramid. You are a marketer and distributor of products. And you help others who want to be distributors not just a customer, to market and distribute with you. With an outstanding pay plan, Anyone anywhere in a line of distributors can make more money than those above them. There are many excellent mlm companies where this happens. Your pay depends on how many customers YOU have. You are a distributor. It goes the same for those under you. All get paid for their marketing and distributing efforts. Someone not working above you will not get paid more than you. Like any business, you get paid for your work whether its managing, clerking, lawyering, secretarying, sports, selling, marketing, retailing, massaging, hair cutting, acting, writing, supervising, business owning, auto detailing, painting, flying, etc. etc. In mlm many levels of people have the opportunity to make as little or much as they want for the work of distributing and marketing for one company. In non mlm companies only a few people get paid to market and distribute for a company.

    You are like walmart or any store. The more you market, the more product you distribute. Then, the more money you make. The less people know what you are distributing, the less you make. Anyone in the company can do this. But in a store, the higher ups make more money than employees. Unless they are paying out more than they are making. That is an actual pyramid. There is no pyramid of pay in mlm because people under you can and DO make more money than you. Ive seen it happen over and over. Ive worked in both types of companies.

    If you want the opportunity to make the income of your choice by doing multi level marketing, its best to research all the legitimate companies, their pay plans, integrity, products, lawsuits, etc before choosing the company you work with. Learn how to market and distribute products (your job) professionally while having fun and you succeed. Look at mlm watchdog. Com to find bad or good companies. They expose bad ones. Look at the direct selling association (dsa) website. They list hundreds of companies legitimate. Look at each company individually from this site. Call and interview them. Find a great payplan and product you like and you will succeed to make more than people above you if you are doing more marketing and distributing than them. (In a great pay plan this works.... Usually unilevel plans are best for this. The money fairly goes to everyone working. Binaries aren't that great for making money. Most of the money goes to the company. Binary companies with unfair plans have soured many marketers. People are making great money much easier with the newer and fairer unilevel companies. Mlm watchdog explains this. )

    The failure in mlm is people think they can get a few to join with them in buying product and get rich off them and thats wrong. You and they (if they are wanting to make money, not just be a consumer) have to market and retail products just like any other business does. Your business also grows like any other legitimate business does: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, for a lifetime, as products or services are sold, it grows depending on the amount of customers it has, which always comes from marketing and distributing themselves. Large retail or service companies spend billions to do this. Mlm pays you depending on your work. Other businesses fire you if you dont work.

    Pick a company with a very fair balanced payout plan; market and distribute their products without deceiving anyone (find customers and distributors ethically just like other successful small or large businesses do); teach your distributors to work professionally long term like you should at any job; and those who work WILL succeed.
  • Just like I thought! As a former AMWAY (sucker) I almost lost everything. Just like AMWAY, it's a pyramid scheme. At the beginning, you must stock your supply of products, which are expensive, then you have to create a 'downline'. You only make money if they make money! Yes, you make money only if you were in it at the beginning, ie; top of the pyramid! This is a PYRAMID! Believe it or not. Don't be fooled. Even the article tells you it's a pyramid and the products are expensive, and you create your downline in order for you to make substantial income. It's not for me and shouldn't be for you, if you're smart.
  • As the article says, there is a huge difference between the guys at the top and the guys at the bottom of the pyramid. The guys at the top make lots of money! The guys at the bottom do a lot of work!

    I worked this business hard (60 hrs+ per week) for over a year.

    I accomplished levels, achieve accolades and bonuses, and built my team (100+) far beyond my peers whom I spoke to at meetings, on conference calls, or just spoke to in the course of doing everyday business.

    Some of the problems I ran into were:

    - The overhead costs of maintaining your distributor status with Vollara, subscriptions to Greg Montoya's and John Bender's Creating Wealth From Home and Ecobusiness web sites, and purchasing leads to "funnel" into the CWFH web site were very high. High enough to eat all my profits.

    This is not considered the most important aspect of this business when starting out, however, as building your team is of primary importance at the beginning stages. The expectation of profits should come into play later. The problem is the cost of doing business in CWFH is a high standard to meet indefinitely. I could not do it and I spent 23K on this business in a year according to my tax man. Granted, due to my diligence and commitment I made about $20K, but my business account dried up and I could not go any further. If doing business were not so expensive I could have continued on and perhaps been able to succeed.

    - As in the article above, the claim is made that you don't have to resort to hounding friends and family, cold calling, approaching strangers in public places or at parties to talk business. They even say that you don't have to even sell the business and products and to let the tools and your upline do the work. At the same time there are many training materials to improve sales techniques and I was constantly encouraged to do all the above things that I was told I would not need to do. If you are a good salesman you may be right at home with CWFH.

    - The products are expensive. The value may or may not be there depending on your point of view and therein lies the problem. If you can't get someone to agree with the value of these products to the point of spending a lot of money on them and have the confidence they can do the same with others, you have a major problem. In these tough times it's hard to get people to let go of hundreds or thousands of dollars when they can get by without having to do so. Remember, the growth of your team and your income depends on not just you being able to get people to loosen up their grip on their hard earned dollars, but in turn your new team mates being able to do the same with others. For me, no matter how many I signed up (and some were quality people) and how hard I worked with my new recruits, I could not get the duplication I had hoped for.

    - The support I got in this business was very good initially. I had one of the top guys in the company as my sponsor and attended several meetings with Greg Montoya and other high profile people in the company on numerous occasions. At first all the promises were true. I was told I could call anytime for assistance, I could conference in my prospects for help answering questions, etc., and that I could freely ask any questions or bring up difficulties I was having in our team conference calls. Those promises dissolved over time and eventually when I called for help my sponsor was more "frustrated" than helpful and took exception to my honest description of a problem I or one of my team was having.

    This lack of support really had a stifling effect on my ability to continue with this business even if I wanted to. I would have had to somehow switch to a more supportive lead and I don't think that was going to happen.

    - Ethically, I'm not sure I could continue in this business even if I had succeeded knowing what I know now. My success would have to depend on the hard work spawned on the hopes and dreams of sincere people that have a very slim chance of succeeding. Often they would be 'investing' monies that could have been spent more prudently. Sure I think it is great to bet on yourself but in this case that bet is a long shot in my opinion. I am a Christian, as are many in this business, and this business model reminds me of the Scribes mentioned in the gospel of Mark ch 12 who don't mind even the poorest giving EVERYTHING to maintain the lifestyles of the elite.

    Do I believe success in this business is possible? Anything is possible but not likely unless you have a ton of money, commitment, and time, and are prepared for the hard road ahead. There is plenty of 'blood, sweat, and tears' to be had along the way.

    I have seen new people achieve a measure of success but they came from other MLM companies and brought their down-line with them.

    I also think that there are some incredible talented business people out there that could possibly make a good go of this business and they are the ones you would be hoping to recruit under you. However, these people are very few and far between and are normally going to be quite busy succeeding at the business they are already working at. In other words, they are usually busy succeeding and not normally looking to join your team.

    If you do decide to try to succeed with the Creating Wealth From Home business, I wish you all the best.
    • Yep, I have been in 20-25 MLMs, Alpine is one of them, cost me the most. Six units, sold 4 had trouble with 3 of them, they quit working not producing ozone after a few weeks. Expensive units.

      Like Amway of old, you buy-in, make the company money and you either work or lose your money.
    • Completely agree! They prey on ignorance!
    • I could not have said it better. I put everything I had into this business, almost lost my home and I'm still now fighting to keep it. Very few people ever succeed in mlm business Don't get sucked in. Only the people at the very top get rich and it's because of people like us that make them rich.
  • is greg montoya home system a scam?because i have wasted a lot of money on things like this and i dont want to do it anymore.and theres alot of scam on things like this and i just dont know who 2 should i trust greg montoya home system? yes or no.
  • I've been involved with CWFH and Vollara for several months now. I have to agree with the article. It is a legitimate business and there are great tools at your disposal to generate real leads. The training is very in-depth, with tons of resources, scripts, support, etc. Greg has really thought of just about everything when creating this system and it seems to keep getting better. Scripts are being updated and there are live events where veterans make real-time calls that you can listen in on.

    The truth is, it is a commitment. I can see that it will take time and effort to first get good at the system, then get in a position that earns a full-time income. But that is explained right up front. It's not hidden in a disclaimer, but brought to light several times as you look into the program, speak to your business partner, and get into training.

    What is very helpful is that the products are top of the line and very profitable. You have something real to share with people that will help them live healthier lives. No question about it.
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