CreationsRewards Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of CreationsRewards, a cashback and rewards website which promises people the ability to be earn gift card rewards for simply doing what they already do each day when they go online.

People who are interested in working with CreationsRewards should know that the website clearly says that their membership is always completely free of charge, and that all money earned by this website is paid by the companies they partner with, and not by their members.

How Do Rewards Sites Work?

The concept behind rewards and cashback websites is very simple. All companies benefit from understanding the consumer feedback on their products and services or by having access to a new customer pool they may not have been able to engage yet with their normal promotional activities.

Rewards and cashback websites are able to provide these companies with this information and benefit because they can take the videos, ads, surveys, tasks, and trial offers created by these companies and offer them to their members.

Whenever a CreationsRewards member completes any task that is posted on the website, they will earn points. The points and money they earn are taken directly from the money the partner companies pay to for access to their member pool.

Is CreationsRewards Legit?

When evaluating a rewards website, there are a few things that customers will want to take into consideration. The first thing, and one of the most important, is whether or not they charge their members fees to participate, and the second is the number of tasks they provide for their customers to complete.

Rewards websites should never charge their members fees, because the only reason they are earning money from their partner companies is for access to members. Members should not be required to pay money to these companies when they are, in fact, the only reason rewards websites make money to begin with.

As for tasks, in the past some rewards companies have gotten in trouble for only really offering their members with “trial offers” which require people to sign up with a credit card number. These offers often end up in charges for customers, and often much more than what they are earning through the rewards site.

Finally, the website must also provide people with a reasonable minimum withdrawal limit. People working with rewards websites should know that they simply will not earn large amounts of money from working with these types of websites, so a company that quotes a minimum withdrawal of more than $20 could easily be trying to take advantage of their members, hoping that they will simply give up before hitting their withdrawal amount.

CreationsRewards meets all of these benchmarks, providing people with a free membership, a variety of tasks, and a minimum withdrawal of under $10. In general, it appears this company has a fairly good reputation among rewards websites.

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  • I think this is one of the worst time wasters I've ever had if you don't want to waste your time like I did I recommend you stay away from this site. They always take away your points and the rewards you claim never arrive. False claims, scam.
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