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Daily Survey Panel is a popular online market research site that claims to pay its members for completing surveys that will be available to them on a daily basis.

Unlike many other online market research websites, Daily Survey Panel claims to provide their members with survey invitations on a daily basis, rather than just a few times a month.

In addition to daily survey invitations, they claim to offer a large variety of surveys, fast payouts, and “super friendly” customer service. Membership is 100% free to join, and Daily Survey Panel says you will never be asked to pay a fee.

Evaluating an Online Market Research Site

There are some consistent things to look for when deciding whether or not to use a particular market research site. First, make sure that the site is free to join and use. Market researchers should be paid by those collecting the research, not their members.

Secondly, these websites should not try to convince their members they will be able to “quit their day job” once they begin completing surveys. Surveys often pay very little, because they are so quick and easy to do, making them more appropriate for earning extra money.

Finally, you should always understand a website’s system for compensating you. How high is their payout? Do they pay in cash or prizes? How and when do you receive your payout?

How Does DailySurveyPanel Stack Up?

Daily Survey Panel says that it will never charge its members’ fees and it never makes unrealistic claims about your earning potential.

They also say that their payout amount is very low, at 200 points, which they claim can be earned simply by completing one or two surveys. And when you choose to redeem your points, payments are processed within 48 hours.

When you sign up with Daily Survey Panel, you are also given the option to sign up with Quick Rewards Network, a rewards site which pays its members to do things they would otherwise normally do online, such as shop or play games.

You must be over 18 and live in either the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom to join Daily Survey Panel at this time.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Daily Survey Panel " is 3.5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
  • Impossible to get going...once again, if it sounds too good to be true,IT is
  • this site is great i don't see why anyone would complain i make 30 dollars a week from this site they have change things around a bit but for the best.

    500pts is 1 dollar and that anyone could make in one day

    and for new members cash out is at $25 min, but for people who sign up under anyone like myself who has been with them for some time can cash out at 1 dollar

    happy survey taking
  • possible/probable scam.

    their terms state they have withdrawals "as low as $1" but in reality they state elsewhere that their new terms state you must have $25 min withdrawal.

    also, their offers dont credit. you could do an offer for 1500 points ($3) and it will say completed, and never credit. or you could do huge offers for 4000 points ($8) and the 3rd party and survey panel both dont credit you. the only offers that they credited me successfully was for 25 points or a total of around 5 cents (lol).

    their surveys pay painfully low, and aren't hooked into the system like other sites to instantly credit after completion, so you have to "trust" them to credit them manually within 24 hours, which to their credit, they have done so for me 2 out of 2 times ( i only took 2 surveys with them).

    usually theres no surveys available or your disqualified after a few pages of info, so thats another red flag or its just a bad router they use.

    their other offer is you get 2 points to listen to their radio every 10 minutes you get 2 points. thats equivalent to around 1/3rd of a PENNY every 10 minutes.

    So for all those reasons, this company is either partial scam, full scam, or mostly scam. Either way, they have stupid terms, their systems suck, and they never credit what they should for whatever reasons.
  • Unsure how their payments work have 350 in account so no problem there but tried to cash out and am confused on how this works.

    Still in the early stages of reviewing this site but it does look really promising.

    Cool site so far!

    Jason Blair White
  • I love this site. It took them 2 days to credit me for the 5 surveys that I took which was 5.00.
  • DO NOT USE. This site has not credited me for a single survey I took with them. I did 5 in the first two days of being with them and not a single one has EVER credited my account.

    Their response is to clear my cookies every single survey I take on their site. Not at all sensible to be re setting cookies 25-50 times a day! I mean get real.

    I have received nothing!! -100000000000 out of 5

    I did the work and never paid would not be legal anywhere else!

    Repeat again use with care!!!
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