Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 54 reviews Review It is a penny auction website that claims to sell brand name, factory sealed items at up to 95% discount, including in demand electronics like HD TVs and iPads.

Penny auctions are becoming more and more popular, with new sites and new users popping up everyday. Especially in a tough economy, the idea that a new TV or computer could be purchased for a fraction of the price is very attractive to people.

But if you have never used a penny auction website, you should know that there are many differences between penny auctions and regular auctions that new users should be aware of before they bid.

What to Know About Penny Auctions

First, every bid you place during a penny auction costs money. Bids at range from 50 cents per bid, if you purchase the largest bid pack of 500 bids, to 70 cents per bid if you purchase the smallest bid pack of only 75.

This means that if you lose a penny auction, you lose money as well. Because of this, many people have said penny auctions are more like gambling than like a traditional auction.

Another important difference is that every time a bid is placed during a penny auction, the clock is extended by a certain amount of time. This means penny auctions can go on for much longer than traditional auctions.

Make sure you have the time to participate; otherwise you may have to walk away from an item you have already invested a lot of money in.

More Concerns About Penny Auctions

With the large number of penny auction websites online, there are a wide number of complaints and issues that have arisen. These websites have been accused of everything from having bidding bots to raise prices to auctioning off merchandise they don’t actually have.

Before you commit to any penny auction website, you should search online to see what kinds of problems their customers are experiencing, if any.

What About

DealCent is a very standard penny auction website. Whether or not they provide good customer service or have issues with merchandise delivery has not been established.

However, if you win an auction at and need to request a refund for any reason, you must do so within 7 days of receiving your item. will refund the final auction price you paid for the item, but the cost of the bids will not be refunded.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " DealCent " is 2.56 out of 5 based on 54 reviews.
  • Just won an ipad!
  • My colleague at work won an iPad but I tried and I just lost $90. I would give it 1 star but I know there is a way to win but I just could not figure it out.
  • I know people have won, and I actually followed my friends advice because he won and he claims he knows how. I tried it and it did not work out for me.
  • Just won an iPad mini, if anyone wants to know how to win message me here.
  • Be aware Vancouver sun hada article about them as a out of country s am which they fish client through Craig's list.

    It is a smart Craig's list scam that people get commissions by bringing customers to their site by pretending they have just won and share a fake story with you. When they transfer a fake leftover bids to you.
  • I couldn't even buy a membership. Worst experience ever. I tried with all credit cards.
  • I see that people have won on this site, but have no idea how to win. If someone would please disclose it ?
  • I need to make this clear. I won. But these guys support is next to nothing. They only communicate by email so just a tip, email, email, email.
  • I did win but I spent $180 to get a $450 ipad. So it is a deal but still
  • I knew nothing about Dealcent until today. I found an iPhone on Craigslist for a great price. When I emailed to see if they still had it Jess emailed me back saying that she had sold it already and that she felt bad that I didn't get it. She then told me about and how I could win my own and offered me some bids she had that were going to go to waste since she reached the maximum winnings on her account. When I said yes I was promptly contacted by Dealcent to set up an account. It was tempting but after further research and reading reviews I didn't think it was for me. It seems a lot like online gambling. With, I am guessing, thousands of people as customers they make enough money to just buy the items themselves from the money they make, ship it for free, and then make a bunch of money for themselves. It's actually quite brilliant. Buyer beware.
    • Same thing with the "Jess" about winning an iPad Mini and
    • Funny enough exact same thing happened to me but I was stupid enough to go with her (Jess) story, after spending $320 I did not win anything. As if I was betting against computer, I spent all the money on one item and after 4hours I lost the iPad mini which was priced at $340. It is a total scam and the girl "Jess" was no where to be found.and never replied back.
    • cant believe it, i tried to but a ipad mini from other website, the same person told me its sold too, Jess, and she again gave me the same website as yours and mentioned she got this ipad mini from
    • I had the exact same experience. I emailed someone on kijiji and "Jess" emailed me back saying exactly what you just said. How she felt bad and that she would teach me how to use deal cent.
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