DealDash Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 117 reviews Review It claims to be “the original” penny auction site, having been established in February of 2009. They offer auctions on everything from expensive electronics to general food items, all at up to 95% discounts.

Like most all penny auction websites, DealDash requires that its users purchase bid packs in advance. Their bids cost 60 cents each, and each time you bid on an auction you raise the price by 1 cent and extend the clock by 30 seconds.

If you lose an auction at DealDash, you may have all the bids you lost during that auction replaced into your account, as long as you purchase that same item at full retail cost from DealDash within 7 days of the lost auction.

If you win an auction, you must pay the final auction price for that item within 14 days of the auction to receive your prize. DealDash currently only ships prizes to the 48 continental United States.

If for any reason you would like to request a refund from DealDash, you must do so within 90 days of purchasing bids. All refunds are at the discretion of DealDash.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " DealDash " is 3.7 out of 5 based on 117 reviews.
  • This is a rip off, your money is better wasted at the casinos. Wise up people they stick it to you.
  • So, after using, and winning here and there (nothing big) this site is a joke. Basically, rich people who are to lazy to go to a store and actually lift and carry their merchandise........ sit ALL DAY and spend a fortune on the same products they win, week after week. A RICH HOARDERS PARADISE!!!!!! The only reason I say HOARDERS is because there is no way these "bidders" , as they call themselves, can have any friends or family. They are literally on 24 hours. It's pure greed at its ugliest!!!!!!
  • There are suckers born every minute. Only the mentally challenged don't honor the age old phrase 'If it is too good to be true...'

    How one can see a single commercial for this place and NOT absolutely definitively know it is a scam is comical. Suckers and the unintelligent beware.
    • Okay "JustSaying", Chad is right. Think someone is a little bitter due to all the money they gave away to sites like this. These people who are so naïve are the ones who are letting companies like this get away with making money with minimal to no work at others' expense and it's... Wait let me stop typing now I have to go bid on a new ipad with my Walmart membership. Lol lol this is why I am a firm believer in Natural selection. Screw 'em, but good job, DealDash. Take advantage of it while you can buttholes. Just my two cents! People are so dumb... Just saying.
    • Be kind to the less genius-endowed Chad, just say "Deal Dash is a rip-off or not honest"

      You might try showing some class like the 'Donnie Brasco' review, no need to slam fraud victims who easily be your own family members, elderly parents or grand parents, not so comical then!

      One day you might fall prey to a scam when you least expect it, maybe after a falling brick or incoming bit of space junk bangs you on the head knocking your genius IQ out your nose, the next scam might be on YOU!
  • Deal Dash is unscrupulous to put it nicely. They are "auctioning" products from "schulz" electronic which is some BS company they likely own or contract to which does not exist without DealDash.

    They have a "schulz" TV for $3,500 "fair retail price". Give me a break, you can get a 55 inch 4k Samsung (leading brand) for under $1,000. Dash away from Deal Dash as fast as you can. Where else can you buy a "schulz" product...answer-->no is all BS.

    Fake five star paid for reviews for "schulz" products on Amazon to make bidders believe they are bidding on legit products.

    This company will make headlines when the State Attorney Generals offices across the country come knocking on the door for ripping off the vulnerable citizens of their states....violating auction laws, violating games of chance laws, fraud laws, consumer protection laws etc.
  • I got a new 2016 Porsche turbo (value $75,000) for $26.50 and a Rolex gold watch for $1.75.Like they say, there is a wise person born every minute. This is the site for you. Fair and Honest, just like they say.
  • I'm not sure whether to call it a scam or simply very sly business, relying on our stupidity. They are in it to make money even if they are misleading in making you believe that you won some great item at great price, they are not doing anything illegal. Once you bid, you forget that you paid for the bids. You keep bidding because by now you invested so much that you want the item and not lose your money from buying the bids. So sometimes you end up paying full price just because you wanted to win. Then you search for the item on the internet and find that you could have purchased it elsewhere for a much lower price. It's addictive.Most people on that site are hopeful that it really is what it says it is. They are hard working folks who want a good deal. Or is it called greedy? We want and want stuff. Then it gets delivered and you don't really know what to do with it. It's a very temporary satisfaction, nothing more. Like any gambling site, you will lose more than you win. Unfortunately we believe that if we continue to try, we will eventually win more than we lose. May be the answer is to stop going on the site, doing something productive with family and purchasing items locally or from respectable retailers online.
    • Thank you for explaining this. I have heard that if you lose a bid, you lose your money. I am not interested in placing bids or buying anything from them, but they sure do spend a LOT of money on advertising. Guess they ARE making a LOT of money. Thank you again.
  • 9 out of 10 positive reviews for dealdash are PAID SHILLS! Dealdash and similar pay to play sites are ate worste complete scams & at best extremely misleading. Due to the dealdash tv adds going so far to mislead people into thinking they can buy merchandise for 90% of is about as dishonest as any enterprise in america today. All these sites should be deemed illegal & shut down. They orey on gambling types & new nieve blood to keep the revenue stream flowing. I hope ee soon see this unethical distortion is find its way into 60 minutes, 20/20 & similar news outlets that expose such shams as dealdash!
  • If you have hours to sit around and bid.... I'm sure it's worth it.... But the way you have to buy bids.... makes it as much expensive to buy things out right.
  • Oh I am so disappointed in Dealdash. There was a time I played on this site everyday, I would tell my friends and family about this and post daily. They made lots of changes in the products that they offer making it almost impossible to "Buy it now" in the event of a major loss. The items that are offered are very slim and the kids products are not offered much at all. 3 years ago I did all my Christmas shopping through this site and this past year all that was won was a flash light, some head phones and a set of way over priced knifes. What a huge disappointment this site has become. I do hop on every now and again to see if something catches my eye but never see anything that makes me even want to try to win. Not to mention because of the fewer auctions the winning prices are way high! Good luck to those who are still playing on this site, I just feel as if Dealdash has let all their fans down in a huge way.
  • I won a Dekdo off DealDash and of course it says made in China on the box. DealDash is selling them. I spend more on bids then what they are worth but of course in DealDash terms you can't get money refunded to you, they only give you back bids. Even when it is a safety hazard you cannot just get money for it. DealDash doesn't care about it's customers because they sell you products from companies that don't have contact information on their website and never reply to tweets or FB messages. Totally Shady from both companies.

    Deal Dash facebook page is total B.S. A lot of the people on the site do not even have real profiles. You can google search the images of the facebook user post and find that is not the person who's facebook that profile it is. I figured the posts were bull when people were posting that they won ipads for penny. The only things you can possibly win off there are super crappy products and even then it's highly unlikely. People are constantly on the site bidding and people end up spending ridiculous amounts of bids on products that are way less than the amount the bids cost. Either really rich people are using this site (which I doubt because rich people wouldn't waste their valuable to get a deal) or something shady is going on. I bet DealDash does not even resolve this.

    When you complain about the site 1. you will basically never win again and 2. They pretend like they give great customer service and reply right away but all you get is some pre-typed message so it looks likes they are actually doing something.
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