Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 405 reviews Review It is a new penny auction site growing in popularity. Penny auction websites claim that users can win new, popular, and expensive items for extremely discounted prices.

Deal Fun allows new users to purchase bid packages ranging in cost from $69.00 to $119.00. The more expensive bid package you purchase, the lower the cost of the individual bids.

The smallest initial package offers 115 bids at 60 cents per, and the largest package offers 200 bids at 35 cents per. After you purchase your initial bid package, you may purchase subsequent packages priced at 60 cents per bid.

Each bid you make on an item raises the price of the item one cent. The winner of each auction must pay the winning auction price within 72 hours in order for their item to be sent to them.

No unused bids or bid packages are eligible for refund, however, so consider this when deciding which bid package to purchase.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Deal Fun " is 1.22 out of 5 based on 405 reviews.
  • To show that you are an up front and legitimate business, please refund my money as I have never bid on anything - period!
  • Site closed defrauding me of $119. No refund, no contact, no kidding. Sure, not much money you think. Just a little theft from lots and lots of people adds up and equals a great deal of money.
  • Gave them my $99 and never got to use a PENNY...slime buckets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I too purchased a bidding package from deal fun. I only used a few of my bids, out of 150 bids purchased, and they are now gone also. Disappointing, but will never register with an online bidding site like this again
  • What a Joke! These scammers took my money and ran!
    • They screwed me too and no CD I didn't use all of my bids. As a matter of fact I only used about $5 worth. Still had about $95 left and went to get on their site and they were GONE!!!! Never again.
    • I'm guessing you wasted all of your bids and just expected that you would win?
  • I don't really know about this site but did see it on another review page. When I clicked on their link it took me to a penny auction called "Zbiddy." For those who have been ripped off this might be the place to start asking questions.
    • Reading the comments from others, they at least won some auctions. I noted on multiple occasions when I bid at the last minute, the bid clock would stop counting down until there were other bids to continue raising the price. Again, MULTIPLE OCCASIONS. The game was rigged by these thieves and scammers.
  • Good thing I have got my money back from them.
  • I was saving my bids for the christmas holiday. I am on a limited income and cannot afford to give some rip off company my christmas money. The website sucks and I'm out over a hundred dollars. Merry Christmas everyone including my grandchildren.
  • Money gone- what a rip off.
  • Where is zero- less than Dreadful-- crooked, cheaters, scammers and they should be arrested and go to jail. Trouble is: who are the "they" there is no way to find out how to take action. I would want to join a class-action lawsuit too . I paid my $99.00 for bids-- only bid a few times -- never won anything, and when I tried to contact them in February, no response.

    I have my proof that I sent them the $99.00 via my credit card-- but what can anyone do. Is the government going after this illegal business? Does anyone know more, or whom to contact.

    I have not reported to BBB -- is that where I should report? I hope someone can respond to my questions on how to track down and hold these individuals accountable. Thanks.
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