Digital Income Path Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Digital Income Path, located online, is a new work at home program which says they can help anyone earn up to $10,000 each month doing work which requires “no complicated technical stuff.”

According to the Online Jobs Journal, the only thing you need to know to make money with this program is how to use Facebook or to perform basic searches on Google, and you’ll be able to “connect online shoppers with the world’s largest stores.”

In order to get more specific information about this business opportunity, you have to be willing to release all of your personal contact information to the website before you’ll be allowed to get full details.

The Problems

There is a long list of issues associated with this work at home opportunity. Besides the outrageous earnings promises of $10,000 per month, they are also being promoted by the Online Jobs Journal, which is a fake news site.

Fake news sites have had problems with Federal Trade Commission in the past for trying to portray themselves as real or legit news sources and are generally considered one of the least ethical ways for a business to promote themselves.

In addition, neither the Online Jobs Journal nor the website for the actual Digital Income Path give you any information about the opportunity itself until you are willing to give them your personal information. This is another important sign of an unethical business opp.

The Truth

When the Digital Income Path says that they will teach you how to “connect shoppers with the world’s largest stores,” they are talking about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a specific type of job where you promote the goods or services of a partner company online, and if your promotions result in sales for that company, you will be paid commissions.

There are people working online in this field who make excellent money, but the problem with most companies that sell affiliate marketing training, like Digital Income Path, is that they completely mislead their members about how much time, effort, and money is required to make this type of business successful.

If you are interested in working online and in independent business opportunities, you would be best benefited by searching online for free information regarding the type of work and effort is required by affiliate marketers before you invest any money.

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