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The Earn with Mike work at home opportunity says that Mike Anderson’s established and proven commissions system will give anyone, regardless of technical ability, a chance to earn “millions of dollars” using the internet.

According the presentation on the website, Mike Anderson can teach you how to earn between $175 and $1,800 per day “for free,” and you can begin earning multiple commissions the very first day you enroll.

Despite saying that you can have access to his money earning system for free, there is a $97 one time only fee for the cost of maintenance on the websites involved in this work at home system.

What You Do

The exact details regarding your work and what you are expected to do aren’t very clear. The money you earn is from commissions made by custom websites that are outfitted with special software.

This software helps connect customers looking online for services. When the customers choose their service, the website makes a commission and these commissions go to both you and Mike Anderson.

The presentation says that you just need to spend at least two hours a week monitoring these sites and the commissions they are making, and share this info with Mike two to three times a week. Other than that, there is very little information about the type of work you’ll be doing.

Things to Consider

As always, work from home jobs which claim that you won’t need to do anything except simple basic tasks like typing and clicking, and that even those basic tasks will only take you a couple hours of your time a week are generally not to be trusted.

To make the situation worse, they say this minimal amount of work and effort will net you a minimum of $175.00 a day, based on an average commission of $56.55 and the fact that multiple commissions are made each day.

A website that sells an independent business opportunity described as hardly needing you to invest any time, while at the same time quoting a specific amount of money you will earn is almost always too good to be true.

Finally, the fact that the home page and the presentation says that this work from opportunity is free, when in reality it costs $97 is another bad sign indicating a potential scam. Customers who are interested in participating with the Earn with Mike system should familiarize themselves with a refund policy first.

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