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Easy Income


Easy Income is a new work at home opportunity from spokeswoman Sarah Fraser which claims that with just a few hours a day, you can earn the same money from home as you would from a traditional “day job.”

This promise is extremely commonplace in the work at home community. Often companies believe that this claim is the best way to convince new customers to purchase their training program.

Purchasing the Easy Income training program will cost you $99.00 and promises to teach you how to post affiliate marketing links online and earn hundreds of dollars a day in commissions from major brand name companies.

Making Money from Home

There are many numbers and estimates out there about how many people are working from home in today’s economy. These numbers aren’t really clear about how many of these people are employed by a traditional company and simply telecommuting, nor do they break this number of overall at home workers into earning categories.

Understanding these two different details are important because it is easy to manipulate numbers to make it look like a lot of people are working from home and earning high incomes.

The truth is that most opportunities where people earn money from home are actually on the lower end of earnings. In fact, most opportunities are only good for earning extra money, and can’t replace traditional day jobs.

Is Easy Income Legit?

Affiliate marketing and link posting is one of the ways that people can earn a lot of money online – those promises from work at home training programs like Easy Income are actually true.

The promise they make that is not true is how easy it is to make high levels of income doing this work. This type of work is actually extremely competitive, and therefore is time consuming and requires lots of hard work and effort.

There are people that have established such a successful affiliate marketing business that they are able to only put in a few hours each day to maintain their current level of income, but this is only possible after you have put in the time and effort to be successful.

Also, it is important to note that companies like Easy Income promise to not only give you a training opportunity, but also give you the opportunity to sign up as an affiliate with the highest paying companies.

The truth is that anyone can sign up with any major company as an affiliate, and often the training program you pay for is just a compilation of information that can be found for free online.

It is always important to do independent research online before committing to one of these programs, so you know whether their information is worth your money, or if you should request a refund. Or – really – whether you need a paid training program at all.

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