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eDirect Online Profits (eDirectOnlineProfits.com) is new link posting opportunity offered by Barbara Adamson, which claims that anyone can use this “easy and proven” method to earn money from home.

Link posting is a type of affiliate marketing where you post links for products or services of companies you partner with. If your link results in a sale, you earn a commission.

eDirect Online Profits claims to offer a Wealth Development Certification Program that will allow you to become a “Search Engine Agent,” which simply means that you will be trained in the link posting business.

Adamson claims that this program is worth over $2000, but that with the help of a financial strategist, she was able to lower the cost of the program to $99.99. She then continues to say that with the help of further financial strategists, she has lowered the cost further to… $197.00.

Somewhere in that statement, the proprietors of eDirect Online Profits has made a mistake, and when you are investing money with someone for a business opportunity, mistakes of that kind should make you skeptical.

In addition, they do offer a 90 Day Refund Policy, but their policy requires that you be able to prove that you utilized all their tools and services for a particular time period; otherwise they will not honor the refund.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " eDirect Online Profits " is 1.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.
  • this is definitely all b s. I signed up for this so called direct online profits in 2012, sent them the money they requested to get started making money online and then they wanted 7500 dollars more after promising me that my first 20 dollar investment was all it would take. why is there not some government efforts to punish these people for stealing and lying to folks that work hard to make a dollar for someone like this to steal?
  • This is another of the many scams for online home business opportunities. I was desperate for income and got suckered in like so many others. Fortunately, i didn't commit anything other than the initial funds to this effort. Please, please, please, do search the internet for information on all of these home based business opportunities as there are so many scams out there. I have even found sites that appear to be reviewing other businesses.......And then endorse them..Only to find out that these reviewing sites are scams. I bought into another home business opportunity, found out it was a scam......And then found a tape of the same scammer slamming other businesses and promoting a link to his business which is a scam. It makes me sick that all these people are praying on those of us that are trying to find a way to make an honest living. I think a good rule of thumb may be that if it is a legitimate offer, you have to qualify in some way and not pay money for a job!!?? Best to all of you. My prayers are really with you!!
  • So your saying that after you pay 50.00 in order to fully utilize this system you need to spend another 7,500!
  • My experience was unique I have not yet gotten my money back but If the credit card co. is unable to credit my acct I will udate this message. I do not want to get to upset. But I had purchased the E direct online profits program from an emai offer and was contacted by a sales rep who wanted to screen me for credit worth and pass me then over to a senior rep. who was going to give me the sales pitch . First they wanted to make sure I was able to commit to a large investment of 7,500 dollars. Since this was out of the question I decided not to pursue. No mention was made of my refund for the consultation but I have opened an inquiry with American Express and do expect a credit on my acct. since this was a ridiculous considering i purchased the program for 50 dollars. What was I thinking?
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