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Eqip Energy, found online at EqipEnergy.biz, is an energy brokerage firm claims to have come up with “an innovative way” of creating an income earning opportunity from the energy industry.

This company is not tied to any specific energy supplier, wholesaler, or utility company. Instead, an energy brokerage firm is a middle man assisting clients in acquiring electric or natural gas rates from the energy suppliers.

Brokerages are not energy suppliers; rather, they offer buyers rates of an energy supplier and secure contracts between the two. In order to work with Eqip Energy as an associate, you must be recommended by a current associate and signed up on their team.

What They Say

Diversegy – “North America’s Premier Energy Broker and Advisor” – is the parent company of Eqip, and claims they are a premier energy broker with the power and connections to provide any company or person the rates they need to “meet or exceed your savings goals.”

As a Diversegy subsidiary, EqipEnergy.biz claims they have created a “powerful means” of bringing real value and solutions to energy customers, whether they are residential, commercials, or industrial, and have translated this into an income opportunity.

Because Eqip Energy is not working with any specific companies or utility providers, they promise that they have an ability to bring the best possible electric and natural gas rates and arrangements to their potential buyers.

How It Works

After you sign up as an associate for Eqip Energy, your job is to then “build a book of residential and commercial customers, and teach others to do the same,” and though you earn money for signing people up to your team, you are not required to do so.

Though the method of compensation is not detailed on the Eqip Energy website, in general when a contract between a buyer and energy supplier is secured by an associate, the fee for the brokerage is included in the rate the customer pays.

New associates will learn the details of the compensation program, how to work with the energy suppliers and wholesalers, and the strategies for finding and securing new buyers from their team builder – the Eqip Energy member who recruited them.

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