EZ Money Method 2x Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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The EZ Money Method 2x from Adam Whiting is a work at home affiliate marketing program which he claims anyone can use to earn an extra $160 – $400 with no special skills or knowledge.

Affiliate marketing is when you earn money by promoting the sales or services of another company and collecting commissions when you make a sale. Usually these commissions are less than 50% of the overall sales price.

But the EZ Money Method 2x promises an “automated income” of 200% commissions, working less than five days a week, with only a few hours of work a day. And the best part is that Adam Whiting says you can have this for free.

How Is This Possible?

As with Whiting’s original EZ Money Method, your job will be to sign people up for a product “that everyone needs” and which has recurring membership fees. This time, the product is the Motor Club of America.

In order to get new customers to purchase MCA memberships, Whiting will provide you with a free website, as well as free training on how to generate the traffic and leads you need to make sales from that website.

However, the “free” website and training are not really free. In order to receive access to these things, you must purchase your own MCA membership at $19.95 per month, using Adam Whiting’s affiliate link, and pay for the first two months up front.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, the EZ Money Method 2x has many red flags, including promises of specific, large scale earnings with hardly any effort or skills needed, and a website that will do all the work for you.

Just as with the original EZ Money Method system, or any online work that offers you a pre-made, automated website, you need to understand that every single person who purchases this work at home opportunity will be receiving a website exactly like yours.

And ultimately your job will not simply be selling MCA memberships, but also the same affiliate marketing opportunity that you are purchasing. This means that you’ll be encouraging and promoting people to compete with you in your market.

Finally, websites which are “free” and provided to you by the company do not actually belong to you. If you choose to change your business, the website, all your traffic, and any work you’ve done, will belong to EZ Money Method 2x, and not you.

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