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Fast Cash Commissions
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Fast Cash Commissions


Fast Cash Commissions is the new internet marketing program created by nationally known guru, Anthony Morrison. Though Fast Cash Commissions is still in its pre-launch phase, it is already creating a lot of internet buzz.

Much of the buzz is coming from the Spread the Word contest being hosted by Morrison himself. The contest offers four different prizes which will be given to 26 chosen contest winners.

The prizes range from small cash awards of $250 all the way to the grand prize – a 3 day, one on one mentoring packaging with Anthony Morrison himself in Jackson, Mississippi, valued at $35,000.

How Do You Win?

The contest is open to anyone who wishes to join, including affiliates of Morrison’s previous programs. In order to have the best chance at winning the competition, all you have to do is “spread the word” about the upcoming October launch of Fast Cash Commissions.

To do this, Morrison has a point system set up where he awards points based on the type of sharing you are doing. Contestants will win points for sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as posting YouTube videos and commenting on Fast Cash Commissions content across the web.

All the “points” you earn are actually entries into the contest. Winners will all be chosen randomly, so the more times your name is entered, the better your chance of winning.

What is Fast Cash Commissions?

Well, considering that Morrison is best known for previous internet marketing training programs like Advertising Profits from Home, Fast Cash Commissions will likely be another similar program.

The idea behind Fast Cash Commissions will be largely about generating free traffic to your website – not unlike what Morrison is accomplishing with his “Spread the Word” contest.

As a small introduction to the type of information Fast Cash Commissions will be offering, Morrison has a short, simple explanation of how to best identify your target audience on Twitter in order to share your business opportunities with them.

It is assumed that Fast Cash Commissions will be focusing on the use of social media networks to effectively expand and market your business, but we’ll have to wait until October to know for sure.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Fast Cash Commissions " is 1.12 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.
  • I have been receiving these emails all on account of revuews and info. at com,missions. honestly. I do not appreciate it when people tell me that I have money pwed, money in the form of a paycheck, payments waiting, etc..I think that ois just out right rude and desperate. tellimg me that only gets my hopes up and you have mislead me. Just to get me to subscribe to your link or website.

    that kind of dumb careless ness one day is going to get people like you well taught at a lesson well learned and very much so EARNED....

    asking me to tell you where to send is even worst. so honestly just to let you know...You look more stupid then dumb and dumber,

    Fooling around aint going to get you no where except hurt..remember that.
  • This is absolute scam. I found their website with their presentation that promised to give you free trial. I watched this very long presentation and decided to take trial. During presentation they showed great income numbers but nothing clear was said about the system. However, in the end of presentation they transfer you to the payment page - free trial did not appear! At first they ask for 47$, then 10$, then automatically payment page showed just 1$ bill. For 1$ I decided to try though I should have been suspicious already at this point.

    They promised after your enrollment immediately send the system to your email. I have no any emails from them at all up to now! After my payment was done they just redirected me to another presentation page where they tried to convince me to buy already arranged campaigns set by them for 197$. Of cause i did not want it. When after this presentation appeared another presentation to buy their campaigns (no idea what is this) for 97$, then eventually they ask 47$. After you cancel all these offers, they start selling you personal coaching. Again at first expensive like 350$, then 250, then price again decreased.

    During their presentations they try to manipulate people with cheap phrases like "i do not understand why you do not want to pay just 97$ for successful life" and so on. It looks miserable. Eventually after numerous presentations they redirected me to membership page. remember, I already paid trial price and supposed to be a member. But I cannot enter member area because they ask for some password I do not have!! I tried to create a new account but the system told that account for me already exists and I just need to enter password that I have no idea about!! Complete scam.
  • Glad to see so many people on top of these scams. He did talk a good talk, but if you think about it why would he be using spam to our emails to sell his product that promotes a totally different way to make sales on the internet. Didn't make sense, but it shows us that the best way to make sells on internet is by direct emailing.

    PS. When I tried to close the site the second time the price went from $37 to $1. I have bought junk like this before, but I always use a paypal account with very limited funds. I never buy anything like this with a credit.
  • Thanks for the enlightening reviews. I, too, was ready to grab the good old credit card, but decided to do the Google thing first. THANK GOODNESS I DID! THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL YOU GOOD FOLKS OUT THERE WHO TOOK THE TIME AND CONSIDERATION TO TELL US YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH THIS BS! I don't understand why someone who had the bad experience Mr Morrison had would try to hurt those of us who really need money.Looks to me like he would bend over backwards to help newbies to do what he did. It makes me sick to see how the gurus exhibit all the high priced cars,mansion, boats, etc, when there are people everywhere in dire need of just basic necessities.I'll keep trying to find a good money source and if ever I do, there will be some happy people out there I am gonna help and also share the know how I will have learned with everybody I can. Praying for all you good people out there. Love to you; keep the faith and ask God to provide for your needs and expect it He won't let you down Dee
  • I almost got suckered in and stopped, found these reviews. I agree it has to be a scam. I have a website, I know it takes time, links, and hard work to get good seo results and it is better to buy targeted traffic to a good offer which generates good commissions I don't believe a word of what either of them say...I have been scammed and scammed by these type scammers....Thanks for the reviews.
  • I have read some of the other comments and I believe it to be a scam. But my only question is if Anthony Morrison is a Millionaire with his own money making business that helps him and others make thousands of dollars a month, why does he need anyone's measly $47? Good Luck to those who have already purchased it, and DO NOT PURCHASE IT if you haven't already done so. Thank you.
  • Hi,

    I just saw this video of this boy.. he is out of the making good money for himself. but no good for all of us in need.. People I just have one question, if you have seen his full video.. which i did(i dont why?)you should notice that this what so called "GURU" never told how he made money when he was at his college in the initial stage. Did he have the Fast cast commission software gifted from his girlfriend?

    All of you reading this review, one request just the page and forget Anthony Morrision.

    One again thanks to all who have posted their thoughts before me...
  • I had no inkling of this company (DIGITLAWAVE 877 957 2538 AZ) until i reviewed my credit card statement for January 2012 showing two charges as of Jan 1 for $47 and $197. I made this discovery ~April 3 and on April 6, I finally called this number and got a representative at that number and told them I had no knowledge of them. They said that I had subscribed to their service on December 31. No way! they agreed to reimburse me by money order for $244 within 4 to 7 days. I am waiting!!!
  • This guy is a great example of what is, and what always has been, wrong with the world. Good grief....I want to have faith in humanity - I really do, but its oh so hard...
  • I purchased this product yesterday but prior to my purchase I came across nothing but positive reviews. I was reeled in like a fish and I haven't been successful with an escape. First of all I've never receive an emailed receipt..."RED FLAG"...I've been trying to log into my own personal account on his website and I don't I spent $47 initially which prompted me to an upgrade for $27, finally prompted for an exclusive tutorial for $10...TOTAL: $84.00 deducted from my credit card account. I woke up this morning checked my emails for a possible delayed receipt...NOTHING!!! Im so furious and I can't find access to request my FULL REFUND. ANY HELP PLEASE???
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