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FeaturePoints, found online at FeaturePoints.com, is a new company that allows people to earn rewards by trying out brand new mobile applications, completely for free in their spare time.

Essentially FeaturPoints is a market research company that is specifically performing research on new apps which have currently completed or nearing completion of their development.

At this time, signing up for services is completely free, as is downloading their application and the applications you will find through their website.

What You Do

Users will download the FeaturePoints mobile application to their tablet or smartphone. At this time, this application is only available for users of iOS and Android devices, but may expand its platforms in the future.

This application will provide you with a variety of mobile applications that have been provided to them by developers who are hoping to receive some promotional services, as well as worthwhile feedback from new users.

Once you fulfill your trial of the apps and provide some feedback, you’ll be given rewards in the form of gift certificates, content codes, online store gift codes, and more. Users can earn extra points by promoting this service to friends and family and receiving referral bonuses.

Is FeaturePoints Legit?

The market research industry is one of the oldest and most legitimate forms of earning extra money in your free time. Sometimes people participate in product panels, online surveys, one-on-one interviews, or product trials and receive some form of compensation in exchange for their feedback.

FeaturePoints seems well regarded in the market research industry. Developers of mobile applications seem to appreciate their services because they can use it not only for feedback, but also for promotion and to gain word of mouth advertising and exposure for their new applications.

Users seem to like this service because they are able to find and try new apps whenever they choose, and when they have amassed enough points they can exchange them for gift certificates of their choice.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " FeaturePoints Reviews " is 2.8 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
  • never got paid by them, however i would choose rewardsmobi.com over this
  • Featurepoints is really a bad site. Shannon is the real worst support person handling the system and they normally ban for the things and they will not allow you to withdraw any points on from their end. What ever you have earned they will keep it with them. They are really a beggars who steal others money in this way. Really worst site, so no one should use that one and get in trouble in the same way i have faced too. It a total SCAM
  • i use to recommend your app alot but yall are terrible at sending funds to paypal on time , which makes me not like it anymore it shouldnt take more than 4 days Fronto lockscreen app is way better you get your money super fast same day unlike feature pionts its a very bad look and im spreading the word
  • This is a F**ing scam !!! i won 7200 points, i tryed to get paid my 10 dolars from Paypal method, and it just says ´´Out of stock, try again later´´, bull**it !!
  • Have been using it for about a month, so far so good but sometimes my points take forever to reflect.
  • Worked for me!
  • It seemed legit to me, started earning points, once I reached 1800, I tried cashing out just to see if it paid. I keep getting try again later, I have contacted customer support, their response has been that my IP address changes to often or that I need to connect to a stable network, I have AT&T and have cashed out on another app with no problem, I also tried it while my phone was connected to wifi, still doesn't work, so I would say it is a scam.
  • Terms and conditions are dodgy as. Points are often not granted. And the money you make is based primarily on the number of distributors (people) you recruit. This is unsustainable, unless you genuinely want to spend 10-20 mins on an app to gain (and sometimes not gain) 13 cents. Also those referral codes people keep posting everywhere mean that if you use their code, they get 50% or your points, but you get an extra 8 cents or so. It's a waste of time, unless you have heaps of people who've used your referral code
  • If you have free time and want to make a little money with not so much effort, go for it. It’s legit, just look at the review and the logic how it works. And it’s free and worth at least a try.
  • A lot of the apps never came thru with the points. Like Cartwheel by Target. Born to be Rich Slot Machine,Lyft, istorytime, StubHub, Taichi Panda, Star Warfare Other ones came up as no longer available like Coral Sports Betting and others
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