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FHTM is a direct sales, network marketing company that provides opportunities for their Independent Representatives to reach their goals through hard work, regardless of education or experience.

FHTM was founded by successful network marketing veteran, Paul Oberson, and his partner Tom Mills, ten years ago. Since then, they have grown to represent twenty different networking marketing opportunities in 3 different countries.

Independent Representatives from the US, Canada, or United Kingdom can choose the opportunity that best fits them, from options in entertainment sales like Dish Network to health and wellness sales like True Essentials.

Direct Sales and Network Marketing

Direct sales is defined as the person-to-person sale of a service or product, away from a retail location, and marketed through independent representatives. But what does this mean for you?

Like most network marketing opportunities, it will be your responsibility to find customers and build professional relationships with them. You will not be given an office or storefront where customers come to you.

FHTM balances this direct sales approach by using a network marketing compensation plan. This means that their Independent Representatives will be compensated not only for the sales they produce, but also for the associates and representatives that they recruit to the company.

Compensation at FHTM

Since FHTM offers twenty different opportunities for their Independent Representatives, there is no “one size fits all” compensation plan. Instead, you should choose the opportunity that best fits you and then look at the plan which accompanies it.

Before you choose an opportunity, there are some things to consider. First, opportunities that are well known and already established, like Dish Network, are tempting because the name is already well known and respected.

However, in network marketing often the newer, lesser known opportunities have the best possibility for high earning potential. You often have the best chance at growing your downline, and thus earning more, when dealing with a newer opportunity, though the work is often harder.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " FHTM " is 1 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
  • The person who wrote this fails to tell the real truth about the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing system. He neglects to mention they operate an endless recruiting Ponzi scheme. He fails to tell that the system is designed whereby 99% lose and 1% get wealthy.

    FHTM is NOT a direct sales company because the representative and their immediate family makes up for 99.99999% of all product sales

    In order to be a direct selling company you have to be based on product sales to the world outside the representative base. That is not the case with FHTM.

    In addition their #2 rep - Todd Rowland skipped out in the middle of the night a month ago from his rent-a-mansion leaving the builder holding the bag.

    Kevin Mullens, another NSM used to be a contractor until 2008. Now he is a self-internet-ordained Pentacostal minister preaching FHTM.
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