Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Find Government is a new website that claims to help people move from the chaotic employment highs and lows of the private industry to a more stable job with the government that is better able to weather the economic storms.

Find Government Jobs makes a lot of fair claims about the state of working for the government.  Government layoffs are less common than in the private industry, there are yearly cost of living raises and excellent benefits.

Now, many job finding services on the web ask you to pay a membership fee for their help or at least for access to their database. is actually willing to provide their assistance completely for free, as long as you in turn help them out by visiting the websites of their sponsors.

In addition, Find Government Jobs will provide your contact information to their sponsors, who will likely contact you with offers and special deals via your email address.  Find Government Jobs explains that this is how they keep their website free to you.

The reality is, however, that you don’t need to find government jobs for you.  The Federal government runs its own comprehensive jobs database, that is 100% free to anyone who wishes to use it. will allow you to look specifically in your living area to find jobs that match your interests, skills, and educational levels.

Find Government Jobs may help link you to some available positions, but at the cost of having your inbox overwhelmed by advertisements, special offers, and deals from their partners, in addition to trying to send you to two of their other websites, and

If you are genuinely interested in looking into working for the Federal Government, you’d be much better off going straight to the source then getting information secondhand from a third party who is going to farm your contact information out to their sponsors.

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