Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a website selling people on the “Income for Life” business opportunity.  While this particular website is vague on the details of their business opportunity, they encourage you to order their DVD that explains the business model in great detail.

Ultimately, is an affiliate site for Global Domains International, or GDI.  GDI is a company that sells domain names and offers hosting services to those looking to create their own website.  GDI is also a multi-level marketing opportunity. is an excellent example of this MLM opportunity.  You go to their website, from which you head to GDI and simply purchase a domain name and hosting services, or you can actually become an associate of GDI.

You are paid for every associate you sign up for GDI, in addition to receive commissions for simply promoting the GDI products, which in way makes an affiliate as well.

So What’s the Deal with

Well, there are some complaints about both the services offered by and the business opportunity itself.  First of all, GDI only offers websites with a “.ws” ending.  No .com, .net, .org – only .ws.  Since this is a very uncommon website ending, many customers who are simply looking for domain names won’t be interested.  Instead, they’ll head to well known competitors like GoDaddy for .com names.

Second, their hosting services are more expensive than many other well known hosting companies.  Because they are a lesser known company with more expensive services, it is likely to be incredibly difficult to sell their products.

Finally, though their famous DVD is said to be incredibly effective in persuading people to become an affiliate promoting their services, in order to be an affiliate you must actually purchase a .ws domain and hosting services through GDI.  This means you must be paying GDI to be an affiliate for them.  This is almost unheard of in affiliate marketing.

In general, companies don’t ask affiliates to pay for this association or to even buy their products because the affiliate is paying their own money to market your product or services for you.  All they ask in return is a commission.  It seems to me that there are other, better affiliate marketing and MLM opportunities out there.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I watched the video and sounds legit. Will give it a go for 7 days. I’m with an affiliate company currently l happily paying $175 a month and making $2000 a month. So for a $10 sub to create a further income, lM in...
  • To the author of this post. With respect, you have absolutely NO IDEA what you are talking about. Your post is true nonsense. GDI is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST Opportunities on the entire internet today. I'm not going to waste more time trying to explain and argue against a really silly and uninformed opinion on what you 'think' the product is all about. GDI has been established since 1999 and is 100% legit (except to the uninformed) and THOUSANDS of people are Earning a Full-Time Monthly Income from the business. So is GDI more "expensive than GoDaddy? A kindergarten kid could do the math on that one and realise that Earning Thousands of Dollars PER MONTH for paying ONLY $10 is a MUCH better deal. Tell you what, why don't you sign up with GDI, become more positive, start earning from it and THEN come back and re-write your post. It will make for interesting reading.
  • Is there any hidden cost once I sign up?
  • i have made up my mind to become an affiliate right now
  • Iv'e been involved with several affiliate offers over the past 10 years and GDI has been the most profitable. For 10 dollars a month I host 3 Wordpress Clickbank sites complete with custom email. My site's domain name is part of my brand and each site was made from free WP plugins designed specifically for marketing. So far GDI has been a big win, win for me and I include them on the thank you page for my products which translates into easy recruiting.
    • I like what you post.. I have a click bank account and that's what I wanna do. So is this a good thing to do. I've been doing some research.
  • So far after watching the video for Global Domains International I am really excited. Will come back with another review once I have tried their 7 day trial. Here's hoping they are what they claim they are.
  • GDI is,in my experience, a legitimate and potentially profitable home business with which almost anyone can be successful. The secret of it's success is in its Simplicity, Affordability and in the low-risk nature of it's marketing plan. For only $10.00 per month with no contract, hidden fees, or need to "re-make" your whole personality to become a salesperson, I get a website complete with building tools, a domain name of my choosing, and, yes,the .ws extension which can be taken as referring to the term "website".

    It is NOT CORRECT to suggest that I CANNOT choose a .com, .net, .org or many other available extensions. They offer them as well for the same monthly price, but, in order to use any extension other than .ws (to which they own the exclusive rights), a small fee of only $10 is charged annually.

    The power of the marketing plan, which offers UNLIMITED potential earnings, can be easily understood by using their "Income Calculator" available on the website.

    For me, ten bucks per month is not a lot to spend on a home-based business from which you could earn a fantastic life-long income.
  • Holy Toledo, so glad I clicked on this site first!
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