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from 47 reviews Review It is a website that gives people the chance to win over 11 million dollars, without paying a penny themselves. provides six different possible games to play, and each game is free. You may enter each of the six games once per day, every day. According to their website, FreeLotto has awarded over $96,000,000.00 in cash and prizes since they were established in 1999.

In order to sign up with, you must be able to provide them with your real first and last name, an accurate email address, and a current postal address.

How Does It Work? is free to their members only if you agree to view advertising on their website and by email. These advertisers and sponsors give FreeLotto the ability to offer cash and prizes without charging their members a fee.

You must provide a legitimate, working email address in order to use the website. All results are issued by daily email, and advertisers and sponsors must be able to contact you by email.

You may choose to unsubscribe from receiving certain types of emails by using the unsubscribe feature on your Player Profile page. However, if you unsubscribe from all email, then you will no longer be able to play FreeLotto.

Finally, FreeLotto does have a paid service, called F.A.S.T. Subscription Service, which allows members to choose the six numbers they wish to play, and they will automatically be played in each game, every day, for 30 days.

The Bottom Line

FreeLotto is not really a lottery, but legally is considered a sweepstakes, as members do not have to pay to play. Unfortunately, some states and nations do still have laws which prohibit their residents from using services like, so not everyone will be able to participate.

Before signing up, members should realize this means they are allowing their contact information to be distributed to partners and sponsors of If you do not want your primary email address to be used in this way, make sure to create a new email address for receiving these advertisements and offers.

Some emails may offer goods, services, or special deals to members. Absolutely no purchase is necessary in order to play FreeLotto.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " FreeLotto " is 2.34 out of 5 based on 47 reviews.
  • I only played it daily since Win98 times 6 players. I also know about random pick generators. If you were paying a dollar everytime you played the lottery; you only missed that many times.(that many dollars)

    I have made minor winnings ($1,00,about 5 times and $15.00 once and have received a check in the mail and it was accepted by the bank - they have seen this check before. So for the effort of drinking my coffee, I won something.(half a million entries or so)

    If anything I use the website to compare computer speeds by how long it takes to go through it. The faster it goes through, the better the pc.

    Winning money for "nothing" is to be expected. Heck winning money after you spend that amount seems only fair "but it is gambling, so no guarantees"on that.
    • is a big, fat scam! Nobody wins but the web site as hey sell users contact info to sales people. And they take credit card numbers and use them for monthly subscriptions nobody wants. Never give anyone your credit card number!!

      Nobody gets real CHECKS(USA spelling) from this sham site.
    • In America it's called a CHECK! Next time you wanna be a jerk make sure you're correct!!!!
    • CHEQUE!!! For pete's sake!!! This is not grammar or spelling, you're actually using a completely incorrect word. The only semi- positive review I've found, and I'm not convinced, because if you had received a CHEQUE, you'd probably be able to spell it.
  • one of the worst websites ever!

    don't waste your time with them, its impossible to win

    they just make up some random name, take a random photo off the internet and post it on their home page saying they're a "previous winner"

    don't trust them with any of your information
  • Lying scammers,dont belive this crap at all
  • I just recieved a message last 11th Nov, from freelotto stating that I won in the end of year promo. How will I go about in claiming the prize.

    Thank u
  • its good when I'll win it'll become excellent:)
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