Gaming Jobs Online Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Gaming Jobs Online, found at, is a website that says they can help you find opportunities to work worth gaming companies that will pay you “big bucks” for your feedback and opinions.

Their website states that people who are able to provide these companies with the market research information they desire should be able to make large amounts of money in relatively short periods of time.

People who are interested in becoming members and seeing what this website has to offer can pay one dollar for a seven day trial, and if you decide to maintain your membership you will be charged $27 per month for as long as you choose to remain a member.

The Claims

According to their website, gaming companies need access to people who play and enjoy video games to get their feedback so they can improve their products or marketing, and they are willing to pay good money for this feedback.

Gaming Jobs Online says these companies will pay you to play new or upcoming games, take online surveys, participate in focus groups, try new game consoles or controllers, and to preview movie or game trailers.

In order to get access to these opportunities, however, you will have to become a paid member of their website. After that, they say you will be given access to “hundreds of market research firms and game companies” who are willing to pay you to do these tasks.

Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?

It is hard to say. Companies are often willing to pay people for their opinions and feedback on all manner of things because this feedback is extremely important to product development and can make a huge difference for companies and their sales.

That being said, this website does make unrealistic claims about these types of money earning opportunities, claiming that people can earn up to $3500 a month simply for trying products and filling out surveys. This is extremely rare in the world of market research, if it is even an option at all.

In addition, they charge a monthly fee for the information they claim to be able to provide, which is often a red flag when talking about websites that give users access to job opportunities.

But this is a Clickbank product, which means that customers who feel they are not given what they were promised can request a refund within the first 60 days of their purchase. Unfortunately it is unclear if this refund is applicable to the first monthly charge of $27, or the initial $1 charge for the seven day trial.

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  • everyone just wants money
  • You completely lack any knowledge or evidence to your claims... you didn't even try the trial let alone the subscription so your claims are groundless and you lack clout.
  • You write an article, but do not try the product yourself? What kind of journalism is this?
    • Maybe they're just a person writing a dumb review for their blog and got their information from someone else or know someone who tried their website. How do you know they're a journalist?
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