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Get Rich Radio, found online at, is a program from Marshall Sylver where they promise you can get paid for selling nothing, and buying nothing, just simply by listening to an educational radio program.

The sales page of the website says that members will “get paid to learn” as Sylver teaches live every day, for two hours a day, five days a week. Each time you listen, you will get paid, and every time you refer new listeners, you will get paid.

The website also promises that it is “totally free to register and listen” and there will be no credit card required to process your membership so you can be sure there will never be any secret charges or hidden fees.

How Does It Work?

Get Rich Radio explains their ability to pay their members by saying that Marshall Sylver takes one third of his advertising budget and pays it out to the members who are listening to his program.

He takes another third of this budget and pays it out to the new members that are being referred as new listeners. In this way, he is able to pay members for listening to his educational program even though they don’t buy or sell anything.

What is not being said is that ultimately people who become listeners and refer new members are a part of the Get Rich Radio affiliate program, which can be utilized through a free membership, but for which their is a paid Premium membership as well.

The Bottom Line

The Get Rich Radio compensation system is essentially the same as a multi level marketing program, since you make the most money by consistently recruiting new listeners to be a part of this system, and only about one penny per hour for actually listening to the program.

But since members are not actually asked to sell any product, they cannot call themselves an MLM opportunity, and so instead members are called affiliates and simply asked to promote the radio program.

In general, if you are someone who is a fan of Marshall Sylver and what he has to say, then you probably won’t mind earning a couple cents a week to listen to him and share it with your friends, but people who are looking for a genuine business opportunity probably won’t be satisfied with this money making opportunity for the long term.

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  • This is an excellent program for newbies and an monster opportunity for online marketing vets.Many people are making hundreds even thousands of dollars a month by just staying logged on and referring others to do the same.I myself am making money with this in just a few short months and am the #1 referrer of all time on the leader boards,all without paying one cent out of pocket.If you too would like to join absolutely free and start earning money as soon as you join then please check it out and join here Please copy in you're browser if not able to click the link.This is an awesome radio show with awesome content to get you're day started in an positive and empowering way,and they pay you just to listen and stay logged on!No brainer!!
    • Hi Shawn, hope you are doing well. I was wondering how long have you been with get rich radio for your home business opportunity? My name is Teresa. I am deaf, but I can read lips and speak well. My friend who is my sponsor, he is deaf with get rich radio as I have joined with him on this past March. I have referred to one friend to join under me with get rich radio recently; he lives in overseas. Can you please send me proof of your check that you have earned from get rich radio so I can provide proof to my friend, thanks so much! My email is [email protected] all lower cases.
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