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Get Cash for Surveys, at, is a new paid survey training program from a self proclaimed work at home, successful single dad, Gary Mitchell.

Mitchell claims that he currently makes over $3,000 a month simply by taking paid surveys online, and that it is a job “anyone can do,” since the only requirements are internet access and your willingness to give your opinions on products and websites.

In order to sign up for the Get Cash for Surveys program, there is a one time fee of $74.00. Currently, the website is offering a 50% off coupon that reduces that cost to $37.00. You are able to pay through PayPal or any major credit card.

How Does It Work?

Major corporations pay market research companies to gather information about the preferences and desires of their target markets regarding new or existing products or services they offer.

In order to find the widest varieties of participants, these market research companies often offer rewards or cash incentives to people who are willing to participate in the surveys, resulting in the online paid survey industry.

In addition to signing you up for a variety of paid surveys instantly, Get Cash for Surveys also says they will teach you how to get paid for reviewing new products, and you will be able to keep the products after you finish your review; however, Gary Mitchell does not say whether you will be charged for the products.

Is It Real?

Get Cash for Surveys claims that you should be willing to spend $37.00 on their program because they will instantly sign you up for paid surveys that will give you the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars a week.

In general, this is understood to be highly unlikely, if not almost impossible. Surveys pay such a small amount of money per survey – generally a dollar or two – that even if you did ten surveys a day (which is considered incredibly hard to do) you’d still only be earning $20 a day, on average.

But, Get Cash for Surveys is a Clickbank Marketplace product, which means that if you purchase and decide you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason within 60 days, you may contact Clickbank for a no questions asked money back guarantee.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 1.52 out of 5 based on 25 reviews.
  • Won't ever get paid.
  • Hello, I am writing to you because I really dont know how to contact Gary Mitchell. I bought this product less than a two month a go. The product is GetCashForSurveys by Gary Mitchell ... so I want my money back. I have sent to him an email but is not respond to me. If you can't do anything with this please write to me some info about this person so I can contact him. Your answer will help me a lot. Thank you.
    • contact your bank or paypal
    • It's a scam im sory but this is all the info i can give you

      IP Insights

      IP Details for

      This information should not be used for emergency purposes, trying to find someone's exact physical address, or other purposes that would require 100% accuracy. Please read about geolocation accuracy for more information.

      General IP Information


      Decimal: 1168619898


      ISP: SourceDNS

      Organization: Purple Fire LLC

      Services: None detected

      Type: Corporate

      Assignment: Static IP


      Geolocation Information

      Country: United States

      State/Region: Michigan

      City: Lansing

      Latitude: 42.7257 (42° 43′ 32.52″ N)

      Longitude: -84.636 (84° 38′ 9.60″ W)

      Area Code: 517

      Postal Code: 48917
    • Take a loss on the money and instead try to remove your personal information from the site.
    • Never give your info away. He is selling it.
  • I paid $37 and never received an email confirmation. Should have known better, this is a scam. Called Click Bank for and have proceeded to get a refund, thanks for the help
  • These guys really suck..
  • POS !!!!!! Scammers and people are truly SICK !!!
  • fake...!
  • What a scam. I called ClickBank at 800-390-6035 and they refunded my $37
  • soooooooooo glad i wasnt sucked n!
  • thanks guys for your valuable comments i saved my money...
  • Guys,

    If your trying to get your money back, contact Clickbank - you will not get an answer from the sites help desk (Paidforsurveys) your just pushing shit up hill with them.

    The good thing about it being a click bank product is that they will look after you by that I mean, they will get your money back reason being, click bank will de-list this service from click banks data base if they don't stick to the rules of service (ROS)with in click bank.

    the truth is, paidforsurvyes is in fact a big promoter in click bank,go find out for your self, and see how many affiliates are promoting this product. right or wrong - true or not, the bottom line is, its a big hitter.

    Yes people will buy into it, not only just to get paid for the work they do, but like me, I go into these sites to get an inside look at what or rather how does it work, I build a review video on everything from the start to the end.I then put these videos on YouTube for all to see.

    after a weeks grace, I ask click bank to refund my money since the site in question will not return my complaints via email, the truth is... I did not write to them in the first place, because I know they will not reply.

    guys just because its a product of click bank, does not mean its a scam, click bank has cleaned up a lot of one night flyers over the the years, yes there are some that have come through but most a legit.

    if you have a complaint with anything regarding this sites or services write to click bank and ask them why are they listed ?? .

    You guys also have to ask your self, why pay to work in this service??? don't you think that the service they offer cost them money? they too have bills to pay just like you and I. that does not make them a scam!! you get nothing in life for FREE.

    always keep an open mind about everything, You guys are adults, if you have the power to spend your money, then do so - go and have a go at it, try and make it work for you, if you don't like it - get your money back!! what's the big deal??? noting ventured nothing gained !!

    remember YOU CAN ALWAYS GET YOUR MONEY BACK!! it will be your very own review on the subject that will help many others.

    I have to say that I have come across many reviews based on something I might be looking at taking on, but the reviews are not in depth far from it, its based on the same crap that some one else has said, in most cases none of them had gone inside to test out the claims of others, very weak post!! but a very good way to get their blog popular with all the comments ppl like you and I leave behind.

    People don't be afraid, experience it for your self! its what my videos are all about.

    good luck out there :)
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