GetPaidToTry Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 25 reviews Review It is a new website for people looking to make money with market research. They claim that you can receive rewards for completing surveys, joining websites, and completing trial offers.

It is free to sign up with GetPaidToTry, however it is not always free to participate in the trials. Sometimes you may have to purchase a product or offer your credit card in order to participate in trials.

You can also earn rewards from GetPaidToTry by referring other friends and family members to join their service as well.

GetPaidToTry is not really a market research website as it is a partner of a wide variety of market research sites. By signing up with them, you will receive the ability to sign up with a multitude of other companies and websites who offer compensation for surveys and trials.

Some of the companies they are partnered with include, but are not limited to: Toluna surveys, Panda Research, Global Test Market surveys, and more.

Do you have experience with GetPaidToTry? If so, please leave a review below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Get Paid to Try " is 1.36 out of 5 based on 25 reviews.
  • I was up going to join there site, but after reading there terms of agreement, which pretty much State that you can not sue them, but they can sue you. Also some of there terms don't seem to be legal. But mostly it was there privacy policy that turn me away. Pretty much states that they take all your info and sell it to everyone. This is why you will get tons of harassing phone calls and emails from unknown sources.

    No thank you.. I'll pass..
    • Thank you Jesse, I was about to hit their "confirm" button.

      I appreciate the heads up information!
  • This was one of the worst on-line experiences I have ever had. Immediately after entering my information into a supposed survey my phone was deluged with calls. Even after I unsubscribed from this site my inbox and my phone were bombarded with unwanted solicitations. Nightmare! Do not engage with this site.
  • They send me survey invites that lead to more invites once the previous survey had been taken. I unsubscribed because they flood my inbox with emails along with all of the other entities that they have sent my email address to. With all of the survey, not one penny and I am certainly not sending my cc information to get money.

    I don't know if this is a sham or not but it certainly is not on the up and up. No sooner than I finish one survey I am lead to another. It is more of a marketing tool than anything used to generate leads for businesses.

    Very disheartening. A waste of time.
  • I've completed a few online surveys and haven't received a check for either I believe the surveys are sham's they keep emailing me that I have a 492 payment and they keep asking have I received my check that answer is no I have not
  • I will be unsubscribing to it because it’s flooding my inbox and I refuse to be string along and have false hope smh
  • GetPaidToTry is FRAUDulent!! Steer clear!

    Get PaidTo Try stated I would receive a gift card valued at $50-100 for taking a survey, so I completed the survey on 9/12/17. Instead of honoring their offer of a gift card, they listed options of trial sizes of merchandise to select, for just the "shipping/handllng charge of $3-$4.95.

    I was displeased with the bait and switch tactic, but selected the skin cream offer, entering my cc info for a total of $4.95 shipping charge. Instantly, two other related products flashed on my screen, for full price. I DECLINED ("x" in the NO box) both. Then, a page appeared with my cc information, stating I had been charged NOT $4.95, but over $80, for all 3 items.

    I phoned them, immediately, and wasted nearly 30 minutes of my own work time. Eventually, after several holds, a woman honestly disclosed that in addition to the charges already placed on my account, I would automatically be charged another $89 in 14 days. She voided the transaction, leaving me with no compensation for my time.

    I did report this to my bank, as well, who actually spotted the charge and called me, too, to verify.

    Today, I spotted a survey reported issued by American Airlines, and offering $60 toward travel on AA for completing "their" 30 second survey. I wanted to check the legitimacy, so I took the "survey", and again, NO GIFT CARD....the same skin care and other products were offered. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM!! I am reporting them to BBB and other sites, as well!
  • My experience has been more positive than the reviews I've seen here so far. I started with this company on 11/18/16 and have received 5 $10 gift certificates since that time. The gift certificates arrive as advertised and I have been able to redeem them all.

    My only complaints are that I wish they were sending out more surveys and that they offered a paypal option for receiving your reward. In fairness however I don't find these guys to be one of the scam companies.
  • They Constantly send me "survey" invites, but I never qualify.
  • aggregate site that bombards your inbox from them and all their "partners" Stay away... far far away
  • It was an absolute SCAM!! A waste of my time and energy! Take me off of your lists no matter of fact PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call me!! I want you too sorry lying pieces of fly infested fieces shame on you all! GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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