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from 56 reviews Review It is a website and service provided by Blackhawk Network, the largest provider of third party gift cards in the US and Canada.

At, you can purchase gift cards that may be used at over 140 different places, including clothing and accessory stores, restaurants, and service providers, amongst others. They claim that anyone can find the perfect gift in 5 minutes.

Gift cards purchased at the Gift Card Mall can be searched either by the specific retailer or by category, and can be used either online or at locations. In addition, they offer e gift cards and Choice Cards as well.

Gift Cards and E Gift Cards

When choosing a gift card from the Gift Card Mall, you can pick the retailer, the specific dollar amount, and a personal message that will be sent along to your recipient. Some cards may even be customized with a personal image for a $1.00 charge.

But Gift Card Mall offers electronic gift cards as well, which can be emailed to the recipient with instructions for downloading and printing the gift cards. An e greeting card of your choice will be delivered along with the card.

If you create an account with, then you will be notified both when your payment has been confirmed, and when your e gift card has been viewed by the recipient. also offers the Choice Card, which allows the recipient to choose their own gift card from all 140 brands carried on the site. Recipients can even request a gift card in excess of the price already paid, and cover the difference with their own credit card.

What Else to Know

Gift cards take 5 to 8 days to be shipped, unless extradited shipping is chosen. After you receive your gift card in the mail, you must go online and activate it before it can be used.

Gift Card Mall is also partnered with major grocery store chains like Jewel Osco and Safeway, so that you can find gift cards quickly and easily in your own neighborhood. Gift cards purchased at the store will be activated at time of purchase; no need to go online.

If a gift card purchased at is lost or stolen after it has been delivered, there is nothing Gift Card Mall can do to help – gift cards are essentially the same as cash, and cannot be replaced.

But if a gift card is not delivered, or if there is another problem with your card, you must call Gift Card Mall Customer Care at (877) 426-2551.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Gift Card Mall " is 1.07 out of 5 based on 56 reviews.
  • i am seeking executive contact info and will be reporting to BBB. DO NOT USE!!!
  • I tried 3 times to order gift cards for grads during the Coronavirus. After submitting a complete order I was contacted 24 hours later saying my credit card was not accepted. Obviously they are mining credit card numbers and selling them to hackers.

    I co texted the small business I was trying to support about the problem. The owners contacted Black Hawk but clearly were unable to get blackhawk to fulfill their end of the service contract. On top if it, the owners of the small restaurant I was trying to support sent me a gift certificate to apologize for the problem I had with Blackhawk Gify Mall. Buyer beware. I will file an online report with the Attorney General of Oregon Fraud Prevention online office and the Better Business Bureau on line complaint system.
    • same here in california. i escalated 3 times because they said my order was cancelled but they couldnt tell me why. im concerned they have my credit card number. now i am looking for executive contact info and better business bureau
  • complete and total scam - tried to use the card twice, both time rejected - can't even call someone and yell at them, they have no customer service. don't ever use this service unless you like to throw your money away.
  • I purchased in Weis store for teacher Christmas gift. 100 bucks wasted! I was so imbarresed and put another 100 cash to the teacher. Still trying to resolve it. Buyer beware !
  • Complete and total scam. Got his card as a Christmas present and it isn't activated. Called the point of sale and they said that the company wont reimburse them even though there is clearly something wrong with the card. Do not. I not send them any money.
  • Purchased gift e-car, form submitted successfully, received confirmation e-mail and order number, funds immediately taken. Hours later however, my order was 'rejected', funds NOT returned and no explanation given. After a ton of time trying to connect was told the 'compliance dept.' rejected but they can't tell me why. Suggested I REORDER using my 'correct' information. IF my info. was not correct, how did they successfully 'complete' my order, send me a e-mail with confirmation number, take my funds? The only suggestion was to RE-ORDER making sure I AM ACCURATE with my info. Like I would every do that! You have to be kidding me...then they would have MORE of my money with no 'guarantee' of order completion??? Now they have my $$ although they state the order was NOT ACCEPTED, so....they are ok with taking anyone's money first then claiming scam later??!! None of this is good business have GOT to be kidding me, far from it! Of course maybe they aren't licensed to distribute these cards on behalf of some businesses they 'advertise', they don't pass 'security screening' and have to cancel your order??!! Is this a case of false advertising when it suits them and then 'backtracking' if they get rejected??? I would suggest you steer clear of these folks unless you are prepared for it to leave you without the gift, OR your money, hopefully refunded eventually??? USUALLY WITHIN 7-10 days??!! Gift Card Mall is a rip...untrustworthy. I feel very insecure that THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE ALL THE INFO. NECESSARY TO CHARGE ME FOR ANYTHING BUT THEN NOT DELIVER AND I'M THE RISK!!?? I'd say GiftCardScam should be their name!
  • I bought a roblox giftcard from giftcardmall and it was FAKE! twenty five dollars down the drain if I say so myself
  • I rarely post reviews about things I buy over the internet, but I feel morally compelled to do so this time, as there might be someone out there who does the wise thing first, and check to see if others have had a satisfactory experience.

    I didn't check beforehand, and do I ever wish I'd done so!! I bought a $100 e-gift card from this company. That was several days ago and I was just notified by them, that they decided not to issue me the e-gift card, that I paid for.

    My first thought was, "THANK GOD!!", since I've been trying for days, to get my money back. But on the other hand, I'm really ticked off. By the time I get my money refunded to me, it'll be nearly 2 weeks since this awful mis-adventure began! I simply don't have an extra $100 for this company to play with.

    I've ordered e-gift cards over the years, several times, but for lesser amounts (usually $25-$50). Not ONCE did I have a bad experience with doing so. Immediately, the e-gift cards were sent, every single time. But it's like this particular company operates by not operating at all, plus is obviously hell-bent on giving the worst customer service ever!

    What others have written here is the gist of what I experienced, also. You do NOT get the e-gift card that you paid for. The website states the cards are usually delivered in less than 5 minutes, but if there's a "problem", it can take up to an hour. I believed this when I read it. But it's utterly false! An hour, I could've accepted... But, DAYS?? That's nuts!

    You can call, you can email, but don't count on a response. While I detest them having my hard-earned money for 2 weeks, I'm absolutely THRILLED to have gotten an email from them, saying they were turning down my money for the e-gift card I bought. I haven't a clue as to "why" that is... But I could care less, as I'm happy to be rejected by them. I will never buy a gift card from them again.
  • Absolutely the worst online shopping experience. Purchased 2 cards from them, selected the E-Card option in order to receive them quickly. I never received them and had to give other gifts.

    Still never received the cards and now am struggling to get a refund. Over 2 weeks now. I have called 5 times and keep getting the same response. They keep claiming it is under review and also they are waiting for a response from the retailer and to give it a day or two.

    It took 5 minutes to take my money and for some reason its a big deal to return it even though they clearly know they never completed the transaction.

    I finally had to contact my credit card company to step in.

    I would never use them.

    First sign that this website was a scam - their catalog is extremely convoluted and unorganized. They lump ecards in with normal cards and god help you if you didn't notice the tiny "e" in the listing which is the ONLY thing differentiating one from the other, because you get an email that you can't physically hand to your friend or family member. And it gets sent to YOUR email and not theirs so they have no way of accessing it.

    But far worse than their gross incompetence is their clearly criminal business practice of ignoring every attempt you make contact them until after they "ship" your order. (Well, they were emails so nothing was shipped. Derp.) Because if you don't submit a request before they "ship" your email (DERP) they conveniently have an "all sales final" policy that you don't even get to know about until you actually need to fix THEIR mistakes. Again, it's an email, they shipped NOTHING but they used that as an excuse to steal my money.

    I'm serious folks, these people are absolute crooks, don't give them the chance to get their hands on your hard earned cash. Buy your gift cards from brick and mortar places. I've since learned that online gift card sales are criminal in general but this site is just so blatant about it something needs to be done.

    ***Do not pay any attention to any bs reply they might add to this review. Desperate criminals will say anything to disseminate information in order to get your money. Also, there are, as I understand it, as of this review, multiple investigations of this company for fraudulent business practices.***
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