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from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of GoldenClix, a website which says that anyone can earn money from home using their “pay-to-click” method of earning, where members are rewarded for watching sponsored advertisements.

The homepage of GoldenClix says their members will get paid cash for watching short, simple advertisements, as well as the ability to withdraw their cash at a low payout minimum to instant payment to the processor of your choice.

Pay-to-click memberships at this website are free to brand new members, but there are upgraded, paid for memberships as well, which can offer higher levels of pay as well as other benefits and incentives.

Working with Pay-to-Click Sites

Pay-to-click sites are able to pay people to watch the ads posted on their site because they are paid by advertisers who are hoping to reach new clients and customers in order to increase their traffic, their sales, and possibly their current demographic.

As a member of the pay-to-click community, you’ll watch the videos posted by the companies who are partnered with GoldenClix. These videos usually last between five and thirty seconds.

At the end of the video you will be required to enter the captcha – the numbers and text code you will see. After this is completed, the money you have earned from watching the ad will be placed into your account.

What To Know

Though pay-to-click sites do offer payment for very little work, they also pay their members very little as well. Because of the extremely low levels of payment – a tenth of a cent in some cases – these sites sometimes offer other ways to learn.

One of the ways to earn extra money is to refer friends and family to sign up as members of this website as well. Once your referrals become active, you can make earnings on the videos they watch as well.

Finally, offers sweepstakes and contest opportunities like their Golden Grid game. Participating in these offers can add extra earnings to your account as well.

Though this website offers a low payout minimum and extra opportunities to earn, it will still likely be a lengthy process to earn money using pay-to-click sites, so all members should be prepared for that.

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