HackTheStockMarket.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Hack The Stock MarketHackTheStockMarket.com is a website run by John Bell, promoting a program that he promises will consistently make you money in the stock market.

Bell claims he created a strategy that helped him consistently make money with the stock market “overnight.”  In addition, Bell says that you can read his 62 page Hack The Stock Market report in 2 hours and make profitable investments that same day.

Bell claims his strategy will help you to identify stocks whose prices are dropping, buy them when they are low, and then wait a short period for them to climb in value.  Bell says that with only an hour or so a week spent researching various stocks while watching TV, you too can be making money.

The Hack The Stock Market report costs $129.00 dollars, but you will only be initially charged $4.95 for a 31 day trial period.  If you do not cancel your order before then, you will be charged the remaining $124.05.

Though I have not purchased the Hack The Stock Market report, there are a lot of claims made by John Bell which make me uncomfortable.

First of all, it’s never good when someone acts as though it’s not only incredibly easy to make money with their program, but that it will take you almost no time at all to make that money.  2 hours to read and 1 hour research a week to be making $120,000 a year from the stock market like Bell claims is outrageously hard to believe.

Second, though Bell works very hard to make it seem like his report is easy to understand and able to use right away, customers report that it is complicated and incredibly detail oriented.  Even customers who give Bell’s program good reviews admit that it is much harder than Bell says it is.

Finally, though the initial $4.95 is charged through Clickbank, which offers a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, there is no explanation of how the second charge of $124.05 is handled.  In addition, Bell never mentions any refund policy in relation to that $124.05, which leads me to believe that it is not eligible for refund.  This means that you should be very careful about canceling and requesting a refund within your trial period, or you might lose your money.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Hack The Stock Market " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • The latest touted stock pick has last me over two thirds of my investment. This was supposed to be the greatest pick so far, and his emails are setup so you cannot contact him regarding upcoming events. He now has another one coming up on December 4th and TFER has not even been mentioned for all of us that have fallen for the hype.

    No customer service is available and this one really took me in. Caveat Emptor is the watch word when you deal with this tauter.
  • John Bell's stock pick is a total scam. His latest pick, TFER, came out yesterday. He stated that this is his greatest pick ever. Guess what, TFER tank 40% today.

    I replied to his email asking him what's going on with TFER and the email was returned. My guess is that he bought the stock last week and started selling it yesterday and today.
    • Your reply is exactly what happened to me and not only that, the stock has tanked over 65% at the time of this writing.

      I have attempted to contact Bell, but he prevents any customer service by having an email that is not functional. You are not able to communicate so there is absolutely no help from him.
  • It is a complete scam. He is getting ready to release a new pick and he keeps touting how his last pick went from $.17 to $1.57. At first glance that seems fantastic! What he doesn't say is those prices reflect the 52 week range. If you bought when he made his recommendation, you would have bought at the upper range and watched your stock price plummet. So his pick was really a LOSER for those who went for it. Like the old adage, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.
    • Hope everyone following John Bell and his HackTheStockMarket scam are following his latest pick. TFER for the second time and it continues to tank, a 46% loss so far today. He said he would retire his blog if this pick didn't make you 500%, guess it's time to start looking for abother job!
  • John Bell's system is a workable system, I made enough on the Jammin Java pick to buy myself a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle. His last pick TFER.OB (which he warned heavily about) only broke even after only small gains that dropped off quickly. Reading the fine print in his emails explains how his system works and if you have time to babysit the computer, it is possible to make money with his stock picks. I get a strong feeling that the selections find him on a for hire basis but the stock prices do increase as a result of large amounts of money invested in the companies he picks. It's a lot like surfing, ride the wave and get off before it drops you on the rocks. If you have the patience to learn the system he explains and memorize the formulas and directions for the research, it is entirely possible to make a living on the booklet he sells.
  • You Have Been Warned.

    I have been receiving emails from John Bell, and Hack the Stock Market. A friend of mine told me never to invest with him. So I held back. About a year ago Johns winner stock was Jammin Java. I never gave it a second thought and forgot about it, until recently I heard about a friend of mine who had lost his house, and his entire life savings of over 100 000 usd, by investing in the stock market on a coffee company. So I looked at Jammin Java's History. In truth it shot up in April 2011 from 1.80 to almost 6 in just over a month. Amazing prediction no? And then it literally crashed and is now trading at under 0.25.

    So keep far away, seems like this guy is setting up stock getting people to buy in and then dumping it. Dirty trick.
  • John Bell is a flat out liar! Here is a statement from an e-mail that I received today (3/15/2012) from him:

    My 2011 pick was "Jammin Java Corp". Look it up. I first picked it at $0.70 and it subsequently rocketed to $6.35!

    Unlike other newsletters - I only release a pick every year or thereabouts.

    For you this means one thing:

    When I release a pick... You know for sure I think it will be a BLOCKBUSTER.

    This is totally not true. He had sent me e-mails for months stating that he was going to give everyone his "Blockbuster Pick" coming soon. It actually came out about the second week of June 2011 when Jammin Java Corp (JAMN)was selling for a little over $2.00 per share about a month later it had dropped down to $1.10 per share and I thought it might have hit bottom, but it has gone on a total decline since. It is now selling for $.268 per share.

    His statement that the stock went from $.70 to $6.35 per share is true, but that was more than a month before his "Big Tip" came out.

    He wants you to think that he is a great "stockmarket guru", but it's pretty easy to show anyone how brilliant you are after something has already happened. Try contacting his organization. It's impossible. He is nothing but a big SCAM artist!
    • I receive all of John's newsleters and I have only invested in one...JAMN. The letter you recall (sent when the stock was at $2), was the second email about this stock. I received the first and invested at $0.80. No joke. I bought and sold a few times over the rise and fall of JAMN. I made a few bucks, but made the mistake of buying some to hold and now its basically worthless.

      The point I try to make is, when he releases a stock, buy in on it early, let it rise and be prepared to dump. No harm done, just don't buy planning to keep it and pass it down to your grand kids.
  • Very good if you remember, this is a pump and dump... nothing else.
  • Thank you very much for your feedback.After I read your information, I called my bank and blocked my account. He already charged me the first $4.00 something. I appreciate your feedback again.

    Sincerely Esmael M.
  • I am convinced that this is a scam. I am not even sure that John Bell is an actual person. I have tried to communicate with him to ask questions and he never answers his email. I checked his street address in Green Bay and found that it doesn't even exist. He now claims to live in Toronto, but that is a bogus address too. I read through his book and decided that it was very complex, especially if you work for a living. So I paid the extra $97 for a year's service and now find that he hasn't made a recommendation for over 6 months. I think this is a total ripoff, and I am just hoping that clickbank is a legitimate company and that I won't be bilked out of more money by this dude.
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