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The home cash system is currently being heavily promoted through an out pour of spam emails. These solicitations are clearly being sent from outside the US and all claim to provide you with some kind of incredible financial freedom.

If you click through one of those emails you’ll be taken to a standard “advertorial” – a sales page designed to look like a real news website. Sites like News Daily 7 which features the story of, the now infamous Kelly Richards, a young single mom who makes great money with the Home Cash System.

This type of sales page is incredibly effective and since its debut has become one of the most effective tools for marketing business opportunities. Many people can relate to the made up story of the young single mom and feel like if she can have success so can they.

To make these sales pages even more effective marketers will add a special feature that automatically customizes the article to your location. It will appear that this young lady is from your home town, an even more powerful way to get you on board with the home cash system.

So is the Home Cash System a Scam?

At this point these sales gimmicks have proven to be such a cash cow for those promoting business opportunities that they use them for virtually every make money online offer. The same sales page can be used to promote a variety of offers with just a few quick changes.

When you click through the “Home Cash System” link you’ll be taken to one of several opportunities depending on which affiliate has sent you the email and what program they’re choosing to promote at that time.

The names of the websites that host the actual training courses and process your payment change every several months or so but the product they sell stays the same. The name change helps them keep a clear reputation, as it takes a while for customer reviews to accumulate.

In general the home cash system will either be a training course in how to make money posting links on Google, or how to make money wholesaling products on eBay. Again the template is very similar regardless of which opportunity is being offered.

In both cases the income claims are completely exaggerated and the effort/skill necessary to set up these businesses is completely misrepresented.

Ultimately you do get training manuals and they’ll teach you the basics of either one of these businesses; however their real profit comes from the “free one-on-one consultations” that they offer as a bonus for signing up.

In these “coaching” calls you’ll be asked very personal financial questions, like your credit card limit, your current debt, and income. Then they tell you that currently you don’t have enough resources or training to really make money and in order to succeed you need to sign up for their personal mentoring program. The cost of this advanced training is determined on the spot based on your answers to the aforementioned credit questions, ranging anywhere from $5,000 – $20,000.

These boiler room operations are beyond dangerous and convince folks to take on enormous amounts of credit card debt for a fabricated return on investment. Your best defense against these predatory offers is to learn how to spot them so whether it’s the home cash system or something else you can stop yourself from falling victim.

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Average Rating for " home cash system " is 1.2 out of 5 based on 15 reviews.
  • This program was recommended to me by a friend, so I signed up. Afterward, I did some checking and found this article with others about the basis of this program and how it is a scam. THANK YOU. I had one heck of a time getting my money back, but I was able to. It is a fact, if it is too good to be true, then it is!
    • I have also paid the $97 and have decided that this is not a goer. How did you get your money back? I paid mine on a mastercard.
    • what steps did u have to take to get your money? i would like mine back as well.
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