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Home Income Cash Machine
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Home Income Cash Machine


Home Income Cash Machine is a work at home opportunity selling a course that will train anyone to be successful and make money with link posting or, as they say, being a “Search Engine Agent.”

Home Income Cash Machine says that major companies will pay you an average of $15 for each link you post for them, and that each link takes about 4 minutes to post. This means that you should be able to do 15 links in one hour, for $225 an hour.

All you need to get started is to pay $49.95 for their Wealth Development Certification Program, which is the only certified link posting program in the world, according to their website.

What is The Truth About Link Posting?

First, link posting is actually a form of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you partner with another company to promote their goods and services online. One way to do this is to post links.

However, Home Income Cash Machine significantly misrepresents this opportunity when they say you are “paid to post links.” You are not paid to post links. You are paid when the link you post results in a sale for that company. Unfortunately, that is very different.

Instead of being paid every 4 minutes for the link you post, you would be paid every time a sale goes through, which unfortunately is not likely to be every 4 minutes.

What You Should Know About Home Income Cash Machine

Home Income Cash Machine is selling a certification program for link posting. However, you do not need to be certified in link posting to work in affiliate marketing. It is an independent business opportunity, available to anyone.

Also, while their sales page says their program costs $49.95, the reality is that it actually costs $99.95. You have the option to get a $50.00 rebate if, when you receive the welcome email, you agree to take a survey. If you do not take the survey, you will not get your rebate.

Finally, they have a very specific and difficult refund policy. While they claim to have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, the truth is that to get your refund, you must following their training and use their program for 60 days, exactly.

If, at the end of 60 days, you can prove you used their program the entire time and failed to make back the money you invested in the program, then you have 7 days to request a refund. Additionally, the Home Income Cash Machine website states that were you to request your refund before you have tried the program for 60 days, you would forfeit your ability to qualify for a refund.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Income Cash Machine " is 1.09 out of 5 based on 58 reviews.
  • Do not waste time and money on it.

    Bad experience ,terrible cust. Service -people who care only to take your money away!
  • Someone also hacked into my e-mail account and sent this scam to over 40 of my contacts. I immediately informed all my contacts that I did not send out this email and do not endorse this business. If someone is deceptive enough to hack into countless accounts to access their e-mail contacts, their deceptive enough to scam you out of whatever they can get out of you, especially money, don't ya think?! Bogus.... BOGUS!
  • I received an email from my wife's yahoo account that said she had seen this "wonderful" program on television and would I sign us up right away. So, before I left for work I did. When I checked with her a few hours later she said, "You signed us up for what?!" Turns out someone hacked her account and sent the email. I had to cancel my credit card. I called the company who said, "I will send your request to my supervisor for approval, there will be no problem." I gave the web link and everything.

    Today I called because I had not received the "confirmation" email Robert promised. I spoke with yet another "Robert" who said he would give me a refund, it will take 5-7 BUSINESS days. I kept explaining that if I did not receive a refund I would open a fraud complaint with my bank, frankly, I think that was the only reason they agreed.
  • thank you for the warning...i was about to put my credit information when i felt a sudden warning...at first i thought the email that came from my dad was worthy to take note of but wen i replied to his email I noticed that the email would not send because it had his email plus the other attachment. Dude it was hacked. Do not trust the stinkin company, i think the page is a fake as well. I do not think that they were ever on tv.
  • I'm embarrassed I fell for it. The website will hardly let you exit without getting your credit card number, after you click on the "home Business Idea". There was never any mention of "Home Income Cash Machine" until I got my email receipt from them saying that is what I bought. So, I called their phone number and the person who answered said someone would call me back, which they did.I cut short that conversation, saying he could call me later when my spouse was at home, which he did. By that time, I had already: 1- given them my credit card number.2- Answered questions by phone about our debts and available credit. 3-Felt friendly with the person. But by the time he called back in the evening, I had time to check it out with the "Home Income Cash Machine" name, and found out about the scam. I told him I would not participate in the program, and when he asked why,I told him that Somehow, "Home Income Cash Machine" was able to send me email that said I was receiving it from my beloved cousin! No Ethics! I humg up and immediately called my credit card company to report the scam, and had my credit card number changed. I hope this doesn't happen to you.
    • no intellectual or spelling requirements needed just your credit card. HA
    • Another "eric thomas" disguised as XXXX here.
    • home income cash machine would not work out on you if you wont be having any motivations. Its not a scam but rather its a way for you to learn how to make money online without too much work and just by facing yourself in front of your computer like what you usually do and then be able to earn money out from what you have invested from the program. The whole point of this program is not to make a million dollars over night, but rather to give you the knowledge and tools necessary to make money from home, slowly building to the point where you are able to replace and surpass your current income. You can make a very good living using the skills you will learn from this program, but your success depends on your motivation and devotion. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, this is a job, and a very fun and easy one at that.
  • Ordered it and cancelled, Still have not got my refund!
  • Really, all you people are blaming these companies? Hey I have a magic wand and some magic beans for sale. Did you really think you were going to invest $98.00 and become rich or make an income. Instead you are all like little children and blame someone else for your ignorance. I am laughing at all of you. News flash to start any biz. you need CAPITAL! Duh, if all you needed was $98.00 we all be doing it. Get off your butts stop looking for an easy way and work for your investment then invest into a biz that will work. Just to let you all know Hawaii is beautiful this time of year.
    • Wish we could all be as smart as you. How nice it would be if we all didn't have income. I think your comments are rude and self indulgent. YOU ARE AN ***HOLE!
    • Laughing at all of you. The point these people are making is that they thought they were enrolling to set up a work from home business and instead have gotten the total run around abut how to do this. So shut up and keep your uninformed comments to yourself.
  • I am always looking for additional "home based" revenue streams, and am very leery about ones that I eventually join. Google is a great tool, since you can read reviews like this one, and save yourself some hard earned money, as well as a lot of grief! There are a few good home based opportunities out there, which I have been involved with, but the majority are rip offs or scams. LOOK UP THESE OPPORTUNITIES BEFORE YOU EVER PAY A DIME! I want to help anyone and everyone avoid these scumbags.
  • Just got screwed, they took my $97 and no materials nothing. Will be calling in the morning to get my refund!!!
    • They wont refund you.. I Tried.. I got half my money back!!I was on the phone for an hour and asked to speak to a manager. They said I have to post my site for 20 days at least to get the rest back..I had to throw a fit and scream at the rep and manager before they would give me back half my money..I wish you Luck!
  • these guys are scum bag crooks they use a friends email to send you this link big red flag
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