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Home Income Flow is a new work at home opportunity that is being presented by the online advertorial the Online Career Journal, which tells the story of an unemployed woman name Melissa Johnson.

According to the advertorial, Melissa was able to use the Home Income Flow opportunity to go from debt and financial trouble to making more than $12,000 per month in just four weeks of use.

To get started with the opportunity yourself, Online Career Journal says that you will need to let them charge your credit card $5 just to verify that you are over 18 years, but other than that the program is free.

What is Home Income Flow?

To be honest, Home Income Flow is just a link. When users click this link, they will be taken to one of a variety of different companies that offer their members the option to participate in online paid surveys to make money.

Taking paid surveys to make money online is one of the oldest and most popular ways of making money using the internet, because it can be done on your own schedule and requires no special knowledge or training – just your own opinions.

Generally speaking, the surveys that you will take online will only pay you a few dollars when you successfully complete them, and completion depends on a number of factors, most importantly your demographic information, like age, area of residence, whether you have children, and much more. If your information doesn’t fit their needs, you can be kicked out of the survey and not paid for your time.

Is Home Income Flow Legit?

In a word? No. There are many, many reasons why people should avoid the Home Income Flow opportunity.

First, it is being promoted by the Online Career Journal, which is an advertorial that essentially has made a career out of trying to convince people to participate in online money making opportunities which are later exposed as problematic, unethical opportunities.

And though taking paid surveys can be a good way of making some extra money each month, there is basically no way to earn more than $10,000 a month just completing paid surveys.

So, between the false earnings claims, misguiding “guarantees,” and association with an advertorial that is well known for working with unethical companies, it shouldn’t take people much of an intuitive leap to know they should avoid Home Income Flow.

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