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Home Job Institute, found online at SecureHJI.com, is a work at home opportunity that promises to teach people how to make money from the comfort of their homes using a they refer to as “link posting.”

This opportunity is described as giving people the ability to make as much money as they would with a traditional full time job outside of their, but in just a few hours per day. They quote a minimum of $379 per day, and often more.

According to the website, this program is currently priced at a one time fee of $97, which gives you full membership access to their training program which they say is valued at a price of more than $2000.

What Is Link Posting?

The goal of the Home Job Institute is to train people with no technical or previous experience how to “post links.” Link posting is a specific type of affiliate marketing, the most popular type of online business being performed today.

The business of partnering with another company to promote their goods and services through posting links online is called affiliate marketing. Whenever a link you have posted results in a sale for that company, you will earn a commission.

Though affiliate marketing is a very popular form of working from home, it is also an incredibly difficult type of business that often requires lots of time, effort, and money to do successfully. Unfortunately, many companies that offer affiliate marketing training are known for promoting this business as “guaranteed” or “easy.”

The Concerns

Many affiliate marketing training companies show many signs of untrustworthiness, and Home Job Institute is no different. Their sales page spends most of its print talking about the large amount of money their members can potentially make, and very little time and effort is given to explaining the actual type of work and effort that will be required to make this money.

In addition, though this company says it offers a Refund Policy, there is no continuity between all the pages of this website as to the parameters of this policy. Some places describe it as a 60 day policy, while others say it is a 30 day policy.

Regardless, their Refund Policy is one which says that refunds are contingent on your ability to be able to prove that you followed their training to the letter and were unable to make money for a prescribed period of time. These refunds are almost impossible to successfully obtain.

With all of these things in mind, customers may want to investigate other training methods or – more importantly – free resources which explain the work behind affiliate marketing.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Job Institute Reviews " is 1 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
  • so i purchased this and the same i was going the process its telling me to go to some stupid website OH!!and also to call some 1-800 numbers which i have to put some money in to that.The two guys i spoke with was asking me how much money i have aside and on my damn credit cards..i mean really??if i have money i wouldnt be on this damn site trying to make money!!!Anyway,the same day i tried to login to the member links it kept telling me not found that my user name or password is incorrect!!so after trying a few times i called them to refund back my money which was $47 dollars and they told me im not getting my whole 47 dollars back.I'm only getting half of that 47 dollars back!!I MEAN WHAT KIND OF CRAPPPPPP IS THIS!!I THINK THIS IS A RIP OFF BS!!!!
  • I think it is a scam because first I got a call from a non-american call center who tried to sell it to me, then I was transferred to an American woman, who asked me a lot of financial and personal questions, like it was some kind of interview for a job, like she was trying to see if I was a good fit for the "business". Ha! Then that woman said I would have to talk to a director who could get me set up on the website so I can take the training. Well the director, Jack, was too busy to talk and when I did hear from him, he claimed he tried to call me and got disconnected...siting "phone trouble". I never received any call attempt. He had to make an appointment with me for the following evening, since he was leaving for the day. We agreed on a slot available at 5pm Tuesday and he verified my time zone. He gave me his name and number, so it sounded legit. Tuesday, I stayed by the phone from 3pm until 5:30pm. When I did not receive a call from Jack, I called his number, only to get voicemail to leave my name & number. I did that and said he had missed our appointment at 5pm and could he reschedule as soon as possible. I received no phone call or message from Jack. I called the customer service number I was given from the sales woman and got a female who simply answered "Home office". She took my name & number and said someone would call me back. No one called me until Wednesday evening about 8pm. She did not identify herself or the company. She just said Jack was sorry he could not contact me. He had tried earlier several times to reach me,but I still had no message from "Jack". I asked her when he tried, she said once in the morning and again later in the day. I had no caller ID from "Jack's" number. She was sorry but wanted to reshedule another appointment. I told her to forget it. I don't want to work with her or her company. The training they sent had links to go to, when you click on them you get a number to call for a consultant , but you have to leave your name & number for a callback,that never happens. Round and round you go in the never ending quest for any information. Don't even try this!!!
    • October 25, 2014

      I sure hope you post this so others will know what is really going on. After months of getting e-mails and looking for a legit, legal, and moral way to make money from home, I have never been so frustrated and mad at the same time. Most of and also this Online Riches University is a big, big scam. I paid the fee upfront and when I finally called the number for, "support", and talked with Simon, whoever that is, I was treated like a nothing person. He started right away asking personal questions about finances, what my husband does, do we owe on the house, credit card debt etc.

      I asked him what this was for, that the number on the page of Step 1 I had showing on my laptop at this time stated this call was to set me up totally free of charge compliments of the University for joining their team. He became rude and pushy stating nothing is free. I stated it was staring me in the face written down right in front of me. He again stated he would not mentor people free and that it all costs more money. He said, "if you want to do it all by yourself, go ahead, most people don't succeed unless they have a consultant and he wasn't doing this for free. He actually told me that he would not help me to do anything and I should just forget it.

      Most of these stupid gimmicks try to suck you in and then try to get large amounts of money from you. I am reporting a lot of this stuff to the Attorney General of North Carolina and try to wipe them off the internet for good. All of this stuff is scams the e-mails, the people sending them, the videos are all fixed with fake backrounds, actors, and the programs are not producing anything, especially money. It takes a real low life scum ball to take advantage of honest people trying to better themselves in this world, and worse to do this to us retirees wanting to make extra income. Be aware and don't buy anything. Make them let you try it out to see if it works. Having your own business takes money, but you can find all kinds of free websites, hosting is minimal, 5-25.00 dollars, free traffic and of course you have to have something to sell.

      For us who want part-time posting links, that is a scam I just talked about. I will be praying for all of us that we don't get taken again. Good luck and remember, "nothing is free." Jan Summers, RN retired
  • I think its a bunch of bull shit . you pay your $97 and get no info. about the home job . then your told to go to some web and read the website witch is just a scam. then you call customer service and you get a no speaking American person you cant even understand and that is rude on top of that and hangs up on you wtf. Make money on line ya. right. save your money....
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