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The website for Home Wealth Solution looks eerily similar to several other internet marketing courses previously reviewed on this site.  Just like its predecessors, this site is also being promoted through several well crafted fake news sites.

These are the exact type of “news” sites that the FTC has targeted and is in the process of shutting down.  These sites fail to properly indicate that they are in fact promotional pieces designed to sell products and not actual news sources.

Career-reports.com is the website promoting Home Wealth Solution, by profiling a Florida Mom, Katie Jenkins, who uses Google to earn $379 a day.  The website and everything on it is completely fabricated, and similar versions of Katie’s story have been used to sell hundreds of different get rich quick schemes.

So What Is the Home Wealth Solution?

Based on the earnings screen shots from their sales page, it seems that they are selling an affiliate marketing course, where the basic concept is to promote other people’s products for a commission.

This is a popular method for making money online, however it is no where near as easy as they make it seem.  According to them, “all you need is basic typing skills and internet access…”  This is purely a sales pitch.  If you want the real truth behind affiliate marketing, just log on to any internet marketing forum to read about people’s real daily struggles trying to make it in this business.

Is Home Wealth Solution a Scam?

While it may not be an outright scam, since they do claim to offer a 60 day money back guarantee, there are definitely a lot of red flags and enough warnings to stay away from this program.

The fact that it’s sold at such a low price point generally means that they’ll try to hit you with some up-sells down the line.  The main thing to watch out for here is that while the main program is hosted on a 3rd party payment processor, be careful of any up-sells that would put you at the mercy of Home Wealth Solution for a refund.

Update: This program is also being sold under the name Online Income Solution.

If you have purchased the course and need to contact someone for support or to request a refund, you can do so at [email protected]  Or if you want to go straight to the payment processor you can do so at the Plimus customer support page.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Wealth Solution " is 1.14 out of 5 based on 94 reviews.
  • I was scammed by fast cash biz. If you have a problem you never talk to a person they just emails and never resolve the issue. They assign you a broker that doesn't even help you and you lose all your money $450.00 now $1.06. Now I get a email from home wealth solution not this time. Thanks for warning me. I never thought I would get rich but make a extra $500 a month I only get $786. Lesson learned.
  • Paid for Home Wealth Solutions package by Cami White and still have not received it. Supposed to be a work at home job and you post something on web.
  • www.milliondollarincome.com stole $4.95 from my credit card they got nothing to show they are scam I try to cancel they Put a fake number on their website when u call they said its a wrong number (855) 227-5567 something like that i also try to send them an email they do not respond its fake fake hope thry get arrested.
  • Been getting emails from these idiots all day. SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM
  • i was about to join a company called home cash package - james parker,is this the same scam package or what.if it seems to good to be true it probably is any views please
  • I haven't tried, and never will. They've used two of my friends' emails to advertise their crap to me, I complained, then they asked for their emails they used. After this: there is NO DOUBT they are a scam, and should be arrested.
  • Yes and Impactki is affiliated with Home Wealth solution.
  • Be careful. Ryan Riddle is operations manager of impactki and he was general manager for Iworks. The FTC initiated legal action against iWorks for allegedly scamming consumers out of $275 million. Jeremy Johnson as owner and Ryan Riddle as General Manager are some of the defendants. http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705364802/Federal-judge-freezes-assets-of-iWorks-Jeremy-Johnson-in-alleged-Internet-fraud-case.html
  • I signed up with this company as Home wealth solutions it had all the credentials from cnn, cbs etc and was advertised for a low price said it supplied the web site etc. however I got diverted to a company stating the same name but was called maverick marketing, I sent a letter as required with in 72hours requesting a refund of $590.00 I put it on a pre paid credit card ACE which my uncle bought originally for 2500.00 part of a inheritance he received the place where we purchased it knew he bought two cards and gave one to me the maverick marketing called me back not happy but said they would refund my money but it had to be on the same card I gave them the number again and was told it woul be on there in 24 hours it was not and I have recieved no further contact with them telling me of any problems in the refund process or anything at first the quality assurance guy was nice then moved to berating me for my choice and I had done it he agreed in the allotted time agreed on the contract and I was contacted by coaches to help me set up my web site and I honestly did ot expect to make alot of money daily I would have been happy with a couple ohundred a week orm may 500. 00 dollars a month which was alot less than they said would happen I was willing to put in the time and training but this was also dipping into my disability money and I have and associates in computer science not repairs but program usage and there time for product set-up and web set up was a little disturbing I did no need a month or two training for web set up and made this clear and was contacted and requested a refund due to red flags in my head and finding out I had been way sided to a company not the one that was confirmed and listed as the top three by better business I ye have to receive my refund and am looking for recourse because I have checked the card and now time on the temp ACE card has run out Now I just want my money back. because I live on social security disability and was taken advantage of when i was am am desperate to meet my bills monthly on an 688.00 monthly income.

    sincerely lynda burgess
  • Yes I did try it, knowing it was likely to be a fake and indeed I made no money and they lead you into trying to part with more and more money. So DO NOT SIGN UP. Google the company and you will see multiple hits for a small office in a back street in Colchester.(See Google earth) Companies House info appears to suggest multiple companies set up at this set with minimal share capital and each one dissolved within a short period of time. Beware those Directors doing this. You can not hide behind the veil of incorporation for too long before the LAW will catch you out. ALMOST certainly a MULTIPLE SCAM operation.
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