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Is Home Job Listings Legit or a Scam?

Home Job ListingsHome Job Listings is a job service where, in exchange for your contact information, you get free access to their job listing database.  Home Job Listings advertises job opportunities in a variety of categories: telecommuting, hourly, part time, freelance, and online jobs.  Most of the jobs they have listed are basic, entry level positions from national companies whose positions are also listed on their websites.

In addition to the traditional job opportunities they list on their website, they also have a collection of business opportunities for people who might be interested in starting an internet based business.  They also have educational opportunities, and a specific section of their website dedicated to people looking for careers in social work.

So is Home Job Listings a Scam?

The problem with Home Job Listings is that the majority, if not all, of the hourly opportunities they list are for fast food restaurants and movie theaters – jobs that most adults who have previously worked in the business world would not want.  Their telecommuting opportunities are really all internet biz ops, and their part time jobs have been picked from other websites without much consideration.

The reality is that Home Job Listings simply promotes itself as a job database website in order to get your contact information.  They supply you with a bare bones list of jobs you aren’t actually likely to want so that they can sustain the appearance of a legitimate website, when the truth is once they have your contact information they’re going to hand it over to their affiliate companies who will begin calling and emailing you with work at home business opportunities that you didn’t ask for.

This isn’t limited to their job opportunities, either.  Though they have an educational section on their website, but, just like their job offerings, you’ll simply be redirected to another website that will give your information to colleges who will then begin contacting you.  In general, if you don’t want to be hounded by a variety of companies trying to sell you things, it’s probably in your best interest to stay away from Home Job Listings.

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