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Internet Income University
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Internet Income University is a relatively new website that promises to give you the tools and training needed to produce a work from home income using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate online business which consists of affiliates being paid for promoting and directing customers to purchase products from other sources. When customers purchase these products, affiliates earn a percentage of the sale.

So What’s the Deal With Internet Income University?

The basis of Internet Income University’s Fast Income Plan is simple. It starts with setting up a website, finding affiliate income streams, working with advertising, and offers training and support.

The basis of any online venture is a good website. Unfortunately, it’s also the reason that most people shy away from affiliate marketing, because it can be an intimidating task.

At Internet Income University, Kevin and Darin set your website up for you. You simply have to register your domain name and purchase hosting for your website, and they guarantee to have your site up and running within 24hrs.

Along with your website you will have access to a series of training videos and tutorials that will show you how to position your website in the online market place. You’ll learn what it takes to get visitors to your site and how to start earning commissions from your promotions.

They have also established a growing community at Internet Income University where members can get additional help and bounce ideas of one another.

What You Should Know

The best part about Internet Income University is that you can become a member for free, and utilize all the positive benefits and advantages of an affiliate marketing training program and community.

However, Kevin and Darin are also affiliates for all the programs and services you are being offered. This does not mean that these programs are bad, or that IIU is a “scam,” it just means that you have to be prepared to research the programs and services you are being offered.

Don’t assume that you need everything you’re being offered. As Internet Income University benefits from you partaking in their programs, they are going to offer you everything you could possibly need or want. You have to be able to determine whether or not those programs are right for you.

If you're at because you are looking for a way to make money online then check out our article "7 Ways to Make Money Online" - methods that anyone can use to earn an income from home.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Internet Income 360 " is 3.42 out of 5 based on 38 reviews.
  • This is a scam and the worst part is that the hosting company belongs to the blues brothers. Not to mention the website that they give you sucks.
    • You are absolutely right, Tara. I just went through it, and it's all about up-selling you. It starts at free, then $13 for hosting, then $119 for this and more for that. They make you think that the average guys in the videos are able to afford this scheme. Watch out for these kinds of operations. There are a lot of these on the internet. I was hoping this one was different, but it's not. They are getting trickier, and the money is later and later in the process.
  • I came to this review site to investigate IIU before I invest any money with them. My current job is to help rectify negative postings for various companies. It is very easy to determine if the positive comments were made by real customers and not by the company being reviewed. Many comments, and especially those with a 4 star rating, smack of company employee remarks. It is really too bad that a company has to resort to these kind of tactics to sell their products. As you can see, IIU has not taken the time to address any of the concerns listed here. My job is to search out negative comments for the companies I work for and “Answer” the concerns with “real” answers and solutions. Believe me, if a company has this many negative comments about their business practices there is DEFINITELY something wrong. I will not be joining them.
    • I got invited to this program by a mutual friend on facebook. I went and checked out the website. First I sat through this 12 minute video that these gentlemen posted and saw this was nothing but total bs. I also saw that they try to get you to buy something from one of their affiliates. They don't want you to use your own website which I find weird. I also saw that they have too many hidden fees for their program.

      I am unemployed and don't want to work for somebody else anymore. I want my own business and have looked into creating my own website and running my own online retail store. I would by pass this program.
    • I am new to this internet marketing stuff and have already stumbled thru MANY scam sites, I am unemployed and have NO MONEY to pay for any programs, I am hoping to find some way of joining a FREE program BUT even the ones that CLAIM to be free have some SALES inside the sites...and when I write to them and tell them I HAVE NO MONEY, usually they go away or just keep sending me usless information I can't use cause I don't know HOW to do anything...I don't have the money for hosting...(yes there are free websites BUT you have to pay SOME price for hosting) I do have a free blog site...but ITS been rejected by ADSENSE, cause it wasn't developed enough...AND I don't know how to develope it...I have manages to add some pictures, and write a few paragraphs...but they arn't in the NICHE area or of any popular theme...
    • Randy!

      Thanks for your comment! Very interesting! How did you come by doing the job you do? I'm really interested to know.

      I believe the mark of a good company is good old fashioned service and value for money - the old fashioned values! - which means absolute transparency. They can never escape the reviews because the consumer really has the power. Also I'm afraid people just don't do enough investigation to get balanced 2 cents for what it's worth.

  • I signed up, but I haven't paid my $19.99 yet to get my hosting and domain name. I'm reading all kinds of mixed reviews. Has anyone heard of the Internet Business Inner Circle? They give this company a 5 star rating. There is only one comment attached to their review, and it is a positive one. But I still don't see any comments where people actually say how much they made their first month. I'm supposed to obligate to this system on Monday (tomorrow), and I can't decide if I should go for it, or back out. Would appreciate more feedback.
    • LMAO! Wow its pretty clear these folks work for an affiliant company and are doing there best to slam another.
    • Dear Friends,

      Just complaint to Cyber Crime (e.g FBI) and save others from Scams & Frauds....!!

    • I signed up for Internet Income University this past summer. I did my research and they have some very good reviews. I paid an initial $1910.00 to sign up with them and was told up front that this would not be refundable but that I would have 4 weeks of live coaching to get me started and then unlimited access to their training website in order to progress on my own. I also paid $197.00 to get my website set up and was told that would secure my domain name and web hosting for 3 years. I also was told that I would be charged $34.94 a month to have access to their coaching any time I needed it. They did set up my website which is just a wordpress blog spot come to find out that I could have set up myself, if I knew how for $13.95. But at least I had my website know, however it was so chauked full of their information and advertisements it took me months to clean it up enough to put my own information on it.

      When I received my live coaching they tried to steer me toward selling on ebay to start out. I explained that I had sold on ebay for years and already know how to do that. I was more interested in learning to do affiliate marketing through my website. After threatening to cancel my subscription, I finally did get some help from one of their coaches, the only one that knew how to work word press. They gave me 4 free calls with her and she did help by leaps and bounds. Nothing on their coaching site helps you to learn how to work wordpress. Now I have my site up and running with 87 click bank products, several products from Amazon as well a a real affiliate. Which I have found out the hard way, an affiliate wont touch you until they have looked your site over and approved it. It is definitely not as easy as they make it sound. I enjoy blogging on my site and I am actually starting to get pingbacks, BUT I HAVE NOT MADE A DIME.

      The coaching program which calls themselves is still charging my credit card every month for their services, access to their site which shows up on my credit card as elibrary membership. I have called twice recently to try to cancel my membership again because I dont use their site anymore which has actually changed now and I cant access it. Every time I call I speak to someone who claims to be the vice president of the company and cant explain just how they are associated with IIU university. The last call he promised to refund the latest charges on my card and that he would have a coach call me right away to see why I was still not making money. He told me that if I cancelled my subscription that they would have to take my website down. I am confused because I was originally told that is what I paid the $197.00 for was web hosting for 3 years. It has been 3 weeks and nobody has called and my card has been charged again. I am not saying that this is a scam but am definitely seeing a problem here. How about you?
  • I agree with the scam claim. If the Blues Brothers build your website for you, they will put all of their affiliate links there which will earn them money. How does that help the website owner?

    Why do all these programs insist on remaining so secretive. People are less and less willing to give these things ago because of all the info which is "not being shared".
    • If your new to internet marketing I just want to say I completely understand your skepticism because I, myself, hated it when people wouldn't be able to answer the simplest questions especially when your nervous or in doubt. The honest truth about internet marketing is the process is simple to get started, BUT it can be repetitive for some and its not always easy. You need a website, you need a targeted niche to represent what your website is about, you need content to support your website niche, you need to search engine optimize your content so others on the web can find it and you need affiliate programs to promote on your website to make money. That entire process is the same model that Internet income university teaches (as well as other "online oppportunies", HOWEVER MOST people do their best to convey the results of what they earn in affiliate marketing rather than elaborate on the gritty details it will take to get there and that is why so many people are skeptical about the "online money making scene". I completely support honesty and bluntness, if you want to really learn how to market online the easiest way is to get coaching. Second, is to educate yourself proficiently about this industry and there are plenty of resources online to do that. I wish everyone the best of luck in your endeavors, never give up.
  • I joined up with IIU today after i searched for a legitimate online business venture. The video looked good and sounded good, but i kept wondering where the catch would lie. I got excited when it talked about having a website as i already have a domain name registered, but sadly learned i can't use my own. I realised that i would have to use their products and kept wondering what next in terms of costs. I tried to sign up for the domain name after brainstorming with my son, but because the email address wasn't entered correctly(the in UK) was missing it hit a dark spot where i couldn't rectify the problem. In the end i had to close the page. Fortunately i found myself here and take it as a sign that the 'angels' were protecting me from an onslaught of costs to come.

    Whoever said that you get a call 20 mins after signing up....You're delusional...I signed up over 6 hours ago and not so much as a text message......Not unless its only in the USA that they make calls, but from other comments i doubt that.

    I will do what i can to grasp as much info from the site and just find something better and more upfront about costs....
  • How much money do you make a month after spending $20.00/month for hosting a website and $97/month to participate in the affiliate network??????

    Can anyone please reply? Thanks.
    • I've gone through the Internet Income University deal and I was new to online marketing at that time. To answer your question the $20 for hosting is the price set for going with the hosting company that they promote but there are other hosting companies that can host your website at a cheaper price and the $97 to participate in the affiliate network is only if you want to join, it's not a have to. What they primarily do is affiliate marketing. Those products that you purchase to earn money with are "affiliate products" your promoting and if you sell, you get paid. This is a basic concept of what affiliate marketing is and this is how most people are making money online. What they don't tell you is you don't have to purchase their products to make money AS AN AFFILIATE. There are tons of free affiliate products to promote for different industries and niches. What I do like about internet income university is they taught me the basics of "SEO" in very simple terms. They teach you the basics of what content consists of and how you should format that to target your market through keywords.
  • Why aren't these people helping the new recruits? This is a bad sign!! I think "someone" is making a lot of money!!
  • BEWARE PEOPLE: anyone read this paragraph below? Please...try doing a piece work program where the company sends you a kit, you put it together and send it back 200 to 400 dollars a week, sounds more reasonable than throwing away your money UNKNOWINGLY WAITING...why put yourself through this. BUYER BEWARE


    Heather says: June 27th, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    Friend of mine with personal experience with this company published a very detailed &; honest review. It was well-written, did not call names but described some hidden agendas factually.

    Internet Income University threatened legal action and the site was taken down.

    Why do you suppose IIU might do this? Beware.
  • Why does no one answer the questions..How much did you make vs the money you put into the program? When someone does not answer it looks suspicious. Someone answer the question please!
  • I firmly believe that each of their success stories has paid a lot of money for all of their affiliate programs and all of their personal coaching. Not saying it's a scam, but if you're looking to make money without spending a ton of money this isn't for you. MOST people online don't have hundreds and thousands to invest.

    I DON'T, and I'm so thankful for the reviews here. I signed up for a website yesterday, listening to the overview now, and one of the founders is calling me in about an hour. I'm going to tell him that I can't afford them, and can I please have my domain name back. They can keep the $20, because I'm going to LEARN FOR FREE from being a member and the great information on their website. I've spent enough money, and it's time to start making some.

    I saw another review about IIU, and it said there are 2 types of internet marketers "Those that pay the gurus to learn from them or learn it for free." The term you have to pay and invest is only partly true because my goal is to make money, not spend a ton. All I'm going to do is create a website, and soak up the free learning on the Warrior Forum, and other sites.

    Hope this helps!
    • Spoken like a true newbie. Go for it internet cowboy, youve got a long road ahead of you, but definatly doable. But what about people who need to get somewere and dont have TIME to sail the world to get there? These types of "companies" make it possable for those with no experiance. Although they might have to make some sacrifises to do it. You HAVE to make sacrifises to get ANYTHING WORTH WILE in life. And im not pimping iiu or anyone else, this goes for any business indever, including college.
    • Nute,

      First...even Wal Mart promotes itself.

      2. You dont KNOW that the hosting belongs to IIU, your just talkin. But even if it does, so what, thats not a scam.

      3. I can absolutly asure you 100% that Visalus is NOT owned by IIU.

      It is easy to see that most of you are just simply not doing your research. So you have to pay some would be hard pressed to find one millionare who has not taken a chance, even lost his britches. Even Donald Trump has made a few mistakes, but if he was chicken he wouldnt be were he is now. You have to pay to play and you have to pay to make more, thats just the way it is. Dont be so fearful.
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