Internet Wealth Starter Pack Reviews
Is Legit or a Scam?

Internet Wealth Starter is a relatively recent website that is promoting another home based business opportunity.  They are very clear that they are not offering you a job, and that their opportunity is not affiliated with any standard, well known shady internet opportunity, like posting ads on Google, nor is it a market research opportunity, liking taking surveys for money.

Instead, offers their home based business Internet Wealth Starter Pack (also known as the Internet Wealth Starter Package and the Internet Wealth Success Kit), as well as a Personal Success Coach in order to get you started on your home business venture.  For a simple Shipping & Handling fee of $9.95, your Internet Wealth Starter Pack will be shipped to your door.

You will have a 14 day trial period to view the materials sent to you in order to decide if you are interested in this business opportunity.  During this 14 day period, you will have a chance to view all materials and speak to your Personal Success Coach before you decide whether or not this opportunity is for you.

So is the Internet Wealth Success Kit a Scam?

There are many, many problems with and their Internet Wealth Starter Package.

The first problem is hidden within the Terms & Conditions.  They will send you the package for a 14 day free trial, but the 14 day trial begins the day the package is shipped.  If you decide you aren’t interested in the business opportunity, you must return the package postmarked before the end of the 14 day trial period to avoid being charged $39.95 for the materials.

If you didn’t read the Terms & Conditions, you would have no way of knowing you were being held to these circumstances, which probably results in a lot of people being charged $39.95.  In addition, when you purchase the product, you are given no confirmation number, no FedEx tracking number, and no contact information in order to get in touch with them if you should never receive the package.  There is also zero contact info located anywhere on their web page.

Finally the biggest, and most serious, of their problems is that at no time do they ever explain what this business opportunity will require of you.  They spend a lot of time explaining what their business ISN’T, but zero time explaining what it IS.

For a company to ask you for your credit card information without even bothering to tell you what exactly you will be getting in return (and giving you absolutely no way to contact them for customer support), there is absolutely no excuse.  I would definitely not take my chances with the Internet Wealth Starter Kit or anything has to offer.

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  • Wow now I feel stupid they have my money and Walmart money card information and it's been three days ago an no response from them yet or starter package and I also read the terms and conditions and the site has 10 days instead of 14 days no response from the coach either an if I want my money back guarantee " there's no number only a address to send a letter to an that's if they feel that I have a valid reason for wanting my money back guarantee " well this is something new to me and now I know what to look for when I try to start a business or work at home thanks for this website
  • I'm not going to put 5 cents into something that they cannot even tell me what to expect? Like this article says they spend a lot of time telling you what they ARE NOT! and never do tell you what exactly it is that you will be expected to do for this 6 figure income sometime in the future, down the road if you decide to send them the money for this so called starter pack that is? I believe I will pass and try and find one where they can at least tell me what it is they expect out of me before I send money to them only to find out that it is a job selling "Blocks of Ice" to the Eskimos in the Arctic Circle. Thank you but really NO thank you.
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