Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a new penny auction website that is rising in popularity.  Penny auction sites are everywhere these days, with promises of receiving big items for little prices.

Most penny auction sites work in similar ways with only certain variations.  In general, you are required to pay for a package of bids which you can then use to bid on various items in increments of one penny.

Every time a bid is placed, the auction clock resets to 20 seconds.  Since Jeaper has no bid minimum that must be reached, the auction simply ends when people decide to no longer bid, meaning the last person to bid wins. assures its customers that all their items are brand new and come with a full Manufacturer Warranty, which is much nicer than some penny auction sites who tell you in the fine print they might not even have the item you are bidding on.  In addition, they have free delivery within the continental United States, and even allow refunds if your item is returned unopened within 10 days of your receiving it.

However, there are some things about Jeaper you should know.  First of all, once you have won an auction, you still must purchase the item you “won” in order to receive it.  Ultimately when you win an auction, you are winning the ability to purchase that item at the auction price.

For example, if your winning bid brought the price to $22.50, you must then pay $22.50 before you are sent the item.  If you do not pay this price within 10 days of winning the item, you lose the item and the cost of your bids will not be refunded.

In addition to paying the auction price, you pay between $.50 and $.75 for each bid you place, so keep that in mind when trying to determine what you are willing to pay for any one particular item.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that while Jeaper does offer a Buy It Now feature – this feature allows you to put the price of your bids toward the retail price of the item you are bidding on – they only allow you to use that feature while the auction is LIVE.  If the auction ends and a winner is declared, the Buy It Now feature goes away and you are simply out the money you spent on bids.

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  • They closed their website yesterday feb 1 2011. Scammed me and others- let's sue them. Get a class started soon before they completely disappear
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