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from 21 reviews Review It is a job search database that claims to connect you with employers for free. All you have to do is sign up, fill out your profile page, and post your resume. does not only allow jobseekers to search for available job openings within their region or community, they also have Career Tools and Career Centers that can help you work on your resume or offer advice on related topics.

In addition to job finder services, also claims to help people figure out the right career path by giving them news and special offers regarding furthering their education or work at home opportunities.

Some job seekers prefer to sign up for their free service without posting a resume. Not posting a resume allows you to contact only the employers you are interested in, without allowing a host of employers or partner companies to contact you.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 1.1 out of 5 based on 21 reviews.
  • Total scam! Source: employee about to leave the company and seek employment elsewhere because I am tired of feeling like crap at the end of the day knowing the company I work for is shady! Looks like someone else on here also had enough (see A-hole's comment).

    Always, ALWAYS read the privacy policy and terms of service on ANY website you put your personal information on. That is the key to all of these marketing scams. **Legally**, they are not scams. The brunt of the responsibility is on you to protect yourself these days unfortunately. Anyways, good luck!
  • How did they find my e-mail address, I have never posted or applied for any jobs on their website. Now they want me to get started on my resume to find jobs.I dont even have an account with them.
  • I received over 10 calls even at night w/in 24 hours and was unable to unsubscribe to the first step that turned out to be - it was set-up to appear like part of a job search question as part of a Volt job posting, I think, because it suddenly seemed out of my control. I avoid scam advertising like the plague - but they caught me at a moment of distraction or else I'm losing it which I think I finally did after everyone regarded me as the problem not a customer service or system problem.

    Do no get into the trap - it will eat up your time and money.
  • DO not trust this site. I signed up mistakenly and ever since I signed up, I have been getting calls from random numbers asking for random information. I called the back the number that I received the call from and it was disconnected. The best thing to do is call your phone service provider and have them blocked.
  • I was routed to the site from an email that I thought had come from monster and began filling out the information for what looked to be an application- but turned out to be for THEIR site. They have been calling me a minimum of twice daily for the last two weeks. For the first week or so I asked each and every time they called to put me on the do not call list- but they haven't listened- and so now I either ignore or pick up/hang up.

    It's a crock. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
  • I returned their call and they asked for my husband. I asked them what it was regarding, and the representative, Christie, kept repeating, "He registered an account with us and we are here to help him make the most of it." When I asked her what exactly she meant by that, she repeated herself again. Every time I asked for clarification, the cycle would repeat. Clearly, they have something to hide. There is no such thing as confidentiality in job searches. They just talk a lot of manure. I'm going to report them.
  • Scam! We are nursing registry and scammed by this website.
  •, Inc.

    100 Riverside Pkwy, Ste 201

    Fredricksburg, VA 22406

    (540) 374-5694

    here is their phone number. i also have another number since they keep calling my cell phone all day long. when i call the number it is busy or i get some
  • In reference to those who say they were suckered by twice, don't feel too bad, I'm one too. I keep a list of these thiefs now and check up on them all the time. Here are a few names for everyones list:,, Their MO is so similar they must be different names for the same company. I still get an average of two phony job offers every day from them, and I'm getting mighty sick of reading about their games on line, so I've decided to contact my state representatives and change our business laws, so scambeggers like them will end up in jail where they belong. If negative stars were allowed I'd give them a -5 star rating.
  • I have been receiving calls from schools and emails from for the last seven years. There is no "unsubscribe" option to this service at all. Apparently if you sign up, you sign up for life! Oh, by the way, I have never even gotten an interview from any company on here. Never trust a company that does not have a phone number. Hope this helps before its too late!
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