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If you love to shop, it only seems natural that obtaining a job as a mystery shopper is right up your alley. Jobs2Shop connects and matches members to the largest Mystery Shopping Companies. Not only can you become a mystery shopper, but you will also be able to take surveys, test products, and participate in focus groups.

With the numerous service companies members can access through Jobs2Shop there are many mystery shopping job opportunities. You can apply to any number of assignments and pick the ones you are most interested in.

Registering with Jobs2Shop is free; they provide their members the tools and the information necessary for success. The amount of compensation you can earn for a completed assignment varies based on its requirements; some of the companies have even paid $75.00 for a single evaluation.

It is necessary to have a PayPal account to receive payment. It can take up to eight weeks to get paid from the time Jobs2Shop has verified the qualifications of the assignment have been met. There are two portions of an assignment which includes the mystery shopping job itself as well as signing up for their advertisers’ offers. If either are not considered to be complete, you will not receive payment.

Is a Scam?

Being required to sign up for Jobs2Shop’s advertisers’ trial offers may be a catch 22. Some of their advertisers require a credit card prior to signing up for the trial offer and some of them charge an initial fee. In addition, if you do not cancel your trial within a particular time frame, you are charged for the amount of the service or product.

The 8 week time period Jobs2Shop uses to approve the completion of assignments and process your payment seems odd when you connect it to a trial offer period. If you cancel a trial, prior to having finished it, to avoid being charged the full of amount of the service or product, then essentially you have not have completed the offer. On the other hand, if you do complete a trial offer, you have thus accepted the terms of the offer and are typically charged for the remaining portion due.

Any job that directs you to and requires you to sign up for trial offers should raise a red flag, especially if you must provide and use your own credit card. If you don’t cancel trials within specified time frames, the job may cost more than what you have earned.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Jobs 2 Shop " is 1.78 out of 5 based on 68 reviews.
  • I say to all those folks who had problems with Job2Shop, contact their clients. The list can be found on each survey. To me, it's the only way to put pressure on them.
  • I've done surveys for the past 2 months and never got paid for surveys. I contact the company and they never asked me to research every item (some being 25 and 50 cents) and give them the confirmation I actually did the work. This was a long and tedious job because not all companies send you a "confirmation" I've probably spent an entire afternoon trying to get paid $7. Amazing. The now just ignore my emails.

    Horrible company. Can't even find out who or where they do business.
  • I had $50 dollars due to me this month. They sent me a passcode. I wrote them twice asking "UH? Why won't it allow me into my account this is the passcode you sent me?!?"

    I have heard nothing from these people. Amazing really when you reach past that minim. of 25 bucks I noticed more people started losing their money.


    There is NO CONTACT no communication.

    We were never given the new "Terms and conditions" it's one day the account was shut down and never got the payment.
  • They tell you to buy their sponsers product a one time purchase, then 2 months later they take 95$ for some crappy weight loss pills, i bought for 5 bucks, and yes they paid me 25$ to my pay pal account,so I actually paid them 70$ does that make sense, I had to call my bank, and request a new card, for they infomed me they had tried to take money out before , and was a company based in England, with a phony telephone number. BEWARE Dont Do IT!!!
  • I have been a member since 2012 or 2013. Got paid 3 times. I just encountered a account wasn't credited for completing assignment. I usually dont encounter this problem.

    I tried to submit a support ticket. Wont allow me...claim i met my maximum. I have been searching for a email luck far.
  • I have been a member of JOBS2SHOP.COM for over 6 months now. I have recently encountered so many issues with them & the worst part is I can't get ahold of them to ask for CREDIT FOR COMPLETED ASSIGNMENTS!! I recently did a assignment for PREMEIRE BATH, no credit!! I sent numerous request for payment-NO REPLY!! I did a assignment6/6/2014 for insurance quotes-completed assignment immediately!! WhenI went to send proof I completed the assignment-said I had reached my maximum amount of support tickets!! I just want to be done with them, but not losing the $50 I have in my account. I don't have a clue how to contact them, how to get credit deserved for completed assignments!! If anyone out there can help I would be eternally grateful.
    • I to was owned $50 dollars from completing offers this month. They sent me a passcode, when I went to log in..NOTHING. I was notified that "policy's and terms were changing" then I stopped receiving the emails. Never received another email. NOTHING.

      I wrote them when I couldn't get in asking "Excuse me, this is the passcode you sent me..want the email?" Never heard back from them. Never received payment...ONE of the worst communication issues...and I agree pocketing the profits.

      Had never had a problem with these guys till this month.

    • Jobs2shop I once completed an assignment for them and got a check in the mail from them, so I realize at the time they were for real. So, I came back to them, and now they use Paypal, only now, the company is going south, they don't credit one for assignment that you paid for, and make promises they don't keep, plus they don't pay when they should. Either they changed owner or they have an employee who is pocketing the money. I think the owner's name is Tammy Walker. Would love to talk to someone there over the phone, and not be sending e-mails. I am about to quit my account, and stop wasting my time with them.
  • who are these people that write these glowing reviews?

    Must be job 2 shop staff,because not only was i not paid but there is

    no way to contact the lying thieving dogs. Who hides their address?

    jobs2shop does
    • Go to their face book page. Contuously file "tickets" with their get paid page. Then find all the websites that collect bogus info on survey sites and complain! lots of people will see it - eventualy they will begin to PM you on fb - I finally did get paid but it took a whole lot of SCREAMING!

      Oh, and check back on their FB site from time to time they have the ability (hack) to change your words all around to things you NEVER SAID!!
    • I'm right with you Mike, (if it is proper to call you that, if not I'm sorry). Any way I just one of them how much she was getting by them to lie for them.
  • Plain and simple they ripped me off. My requests for payment were never sent,my attempts to contact them were stone walled with denials that my email address doesnt exist,even though i received emails daily.

    As far as I can tell Jobs2Shop is a fraud. I'd like to meet the positive reviewers because they're probably frauds too. You cantcall them email them or anything

    This site is just one more for the rip-off column. Job2Shop you owe me youlied about paying and to add insult to injury you continue to send emails.

    I will continue to post and spread the word you're a fraud
    • Yep me too - they started out in 2017 as Legit I actually got paid ONE TIME - but this year when I picked back up on their work - it was and IS a total nightmare as I was totally counting on that money, being a widow and all you know. The best thing for us to do is to try to contact all those companies that PAY THE to find MYSTERY SHOPPERS for them and let them know I reached one of them today. In the meantime, One by One (as this also is a freud site) go to FaceBook group-page Jobs2Shop and you will meet other people like us. Convince them to come HERE and spread the word!!!! Thanks for posting!
  • I didn't get paid. I've completed 65 dollars worth of jobs. Requested $50 dollars payment, waited for one month for it. The account showed paid $50.00, $15.35 left in the account for the next payment. Paypal account shows zero. I contacted them, guess what :"your email account is not registered in our system. Please verify." Reply them again with DOUBLE CHECK email account. "sorry, your email is not registered in our system." Then asked them why I could still log in and receiving daily email for Job2shop. NO reply since then.

    This is my personal experience only, since I've seen some positive comment on the blog. Thus, I won't recommend the site to any one, or try on your own risk. Luckily, I never signed up with any product that cost more than $1 for trial.

    good luck,
  • It is a very legit site! I got paid 5 times already, it takes a while to get paid sometimes but they paid me every time. If you have a problem just submit a support ticket they will answer you. Hope this helps.
    • You must work for them because they don't pay anyone and refuse to let people contact them. That's ok I'm no fool I'm going to start a class action law suit against Jobs2Shop this company is a huge fraud. Please don't fall for it people as they will not pay you a dime. They don't even provide a ticket number when inquiring about a payment and you need a ticket number to be able to submit your request.
    • You probably work for them LOL
    • Scammers
    • This is a scam, every time there is a bad review someone pops up and saus how great they are? Someone called me the other day telling me i won and apple iPad and asking for my CC Number. I am taking this to my Lawyer, and my local news. K.I

      T. We will get to thw bottom of this m
    • Hi Tom, How did you get paid? Was it on time to your paypal account? They haven't paid me what they owe me, or credited me for assignments done. Need to get to the bottom of this or I am going to report them for fraud!!
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