Kaeser and Blair Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Kaeser and Blair, found online at Kaeser-Blair.com, is a new work at home opportunity that provides people with the ability to make money from home while loving what they do.

This company offers people an interesting mix of an independent business opportunity combined with the support and established business guidelines of a franchise opportunity, all with the benefits of working on their own schedule.

In addition, they say that they provide their customers with the chance to become one of their company representatives with a very small investment, less than $100 to get started, and even with an opportunity to get this fee refunded.

What is Kaeser and Blair?

Kaeser and Blair says that their employees will be in charge of selling promotional products to corporate clients and companies of sizes, in any industry and in whatever location you choose, all on your own schedule.

Because this opportunity is so flexible, this company says it is appropriate for people who can only do it part time and wants extra monthly income, all the way to people who are able to dedicate significant amounts of time to this process and can turn it into full time income.

The website offers a chart which explains the number of sales you would need to consistently make each and every week and the type of earnings that you can expect from making these sales. These numbers appear very reasonable.

Finally, they also promise their new representatives that Kaeser and Blair handles “the hassle” of running your own business by giving you all the resources and support you need to help you be the most successful in your endeavors.

Is It Legit?

Kaeser and Blair actually seems fairly up front about their business, the reasonable amount of money which can be made from this business, and the time and effort that are required to be truly successful.

In addition, they do offer their customers the ability to get a refund of their initial $85 investment as soon as they reach their first $1,500 in sales. Customers who decide within the first 30 days that this business opportunity actually isn’t for them can also return their package and receive a full refund.

The bottom line seems to be that this company is offering a fair and reasonable work at home opportunity for their customers, and if it doesn’t meet your needs, you should be able to cancel your enrollment and receive a refund.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I would like to know if K&B operates in South Africa.
  • Yes it is a legitimate business, I am an authorized dealer and have re4ceived commission checks from my sales orders and I will have to say this to anyone considering it. Remember one thing, you will only get out of it what you put into it. If you make no effort you get no money! If you just be yourself and talk to people, groups or businesses you will get an occasional order. It won't happen every time, but it has potential as long as you make the effort. A lot of people who scream they have been scammed, didn't do anything to make the money. Same thing with Team National, I've made money and saved money using their products, but folks you can't sit on the couch and expect it to come to you!
  • I've been a full-time dealer since 2004. The management team has stellar integrity. This opportunity is the real deal.

    It is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to build a clientele. Selling promotional items is far from rocket science and the learning curve is not too tough. I have helped mentor others that became dealers as my recruits.

    I have zero regrets operating as a K&B dealer.
    • I am looking into this and it is the only thing I have found that is legit.does the company provide any leads to get started, how do you get leads or is it just cold calling.I am looking to do something part-time for now and hopefully replace a part time job. I have a job I work from home but I was forced to get a part-time job when my husband got sick.

      Thank you for your time,

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