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Leading Home Income, found online at LeadingHomeIncome.com, is a new work at home training system promoted by spokeswoman Jasmine Green, who says that her method of earning money at home is “easy and proven.”

The website says that this program can teach anyone, regardless of education, skills, or technical knowledge, how to earn money from home by posting links online, which is a specific form of the affiliate marketing business.

People who are interested in receiving the Leading Home Income training kit need only pay a one time fee of $97.95, according to the website, and if you determine at any point within the first 30 days of purchase that you are unhappy with this system, you can request a full refund.

The Truth About Link Posting

There are many people working online today who earn money from affiliate marketing and specifically link posting. However, the opportunity as described by LeadingHomeIncome.com is not exactly accurate.

Companies do not “pay people for posting links.” Instead, they pay you a commission when the link you have posted results in a sale for them. And the monetary figure they have chosen – $15 per link – is arbitrary.

In reality, you earn a small percentage of the cost of the item you are linking to. So if you are linking to a book on Amazon which costs $20, a $15 commission for that sale is not realistic. Amazon would pay you 25% of that sale price, for a commission of $5. And in the world of affiliate marketing, 25% commission is on the upper end of what you can expect. For example, they only pay 4% commission on electronics.

Other Things to Look Out For

In addition to the misrepresentation of how you earn money with link posting, Leading Home Income also calls themselves the only certification program in the world for search engine link posting. This is misleading in two ways.

First, there are hundreds if not thousands of link posting training programs available online which make the exact same claim. But more importantly, there is absolutely no need to be “certified” to work in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an independent, at home business which anyone can do without any certification or official training of any kind. There are many different free resources available online which will explain the basics of internet, or affiliate, marketing to anyone who is interested.

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