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Lionbridge claims to be the leading provider of translation, development, and testing solutions that can help their clients create and manage their technology and web content globally.

Lionbridge prides itself on being a globally active corporation, with 50 offices in 26 different countries, and thousands of support workers spread throughout the world that help them achieve the goals of their company and their clients.

Founded in 1996, Lionbridge offers a wide variety of technology based employment opportunities, including standard career opportunities within their corporation, as well as translator and translation jobs, freelance interpreter jobs, and work at home opportunities.

Lionbridge Work at Home Opportunities

There are multiple work at home opportunities available through Lionbridge, including crowdsourcing, internet assessing, internet crowd worker, an online map specialist, social media search consultant, and web content assessor.

Each position has specific duties and requirements, but they all generally include evaluating search engine results, social media, keyword, or mapping software. These work at home opportunities will all demand attention to detail and an ability to expertly navigate the internet.

Most of these positions are part time, 10-20 hours per week, and pay various hourly wages, generally in the range of $15 per hour. All jobs will require a resume and an application process.

Other Job Requirements

All Lionbridge work at home opportunities will require fluency in English, but due to their global scope, competency in foreign languages will sometimes be necessary and will always be considered a bonus.

For US based jobs, you must have lived in the US for at least 5 years and be able to demonstrate familiarity with local and national interests, including but not limited to current affairs, social media, culture, sports, etc.

Finally, you must have access to a home work office, high speed internet with either Windows 7 or Vista, and updated antivirus software. But most importantly, you must be able to demonstrate strong attention to detail, analytical skills and an ability to work independently with new techniques.

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