Reviews – Legit or Scam? is a members only site where you can gain points – or pointz (PTZ) – for shopping, playing games, watching videos, or any other online activity you might be interested in.  You can redeem these pointz during “Lockerz Restock” days for a variety of prizes, including large scale in demand items like video game consoles.

Lockerz is the brainchild of Kathy Savitt, formerly an executive at, and is run by Liberty Media, the company that runs Starz Entertainment and the home shopping channel QVC, Inc.  Currently, Lockerz is an invitation only website, though you can find links to receive invites from many other websites, including the site itself.

Is Lockerz a Scam?

Lockerz is a basic “points for shopping” website, where the site makes money from advertisers and sellers eager to take part in their market, and Lockerz maintains and expands this market by allowing their members to redeem pointz for prizes. is receiving a lot of criticism from people who are angry at the limitations of the site, including the first-come-first-served basis of awarding the prizes.

However, this doesn’t result in a “Lockerz scam” scenario.  The truth is that Lockerz is still in its pre-launch stage, also know as “working out the bugs.”  Their networks have been overloaded a couple times, and there have been some issues with slow response times to customer service inquiries, but Savitt and claims that they will have these issues worked out before the full site is launched.

If you choose to join the site right now, you may be in for some frustrations as Liberty Media tries to work out the kinks, but once launches its full site, there’s no reason to believe that it won’t function just as well as any other “points for shopping” website.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

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  • I ordered a camera from the shop. Used 100k+ ptz. They fricken accused me of cheating WHEN I DIDN'T. I didn't use any stupid bots or scripts or whatever. I earned my points legitimately and yet, they decided to claim I cheated and not give me my points back or my camera. HATE THIS SITE. I highly advise against using it unless you want to waste your time
  • Same here. I've been trying to rack up these points for so long, and when redemption comes....everything is ALWAYS OUT. I even bought something from their SHOP to get into their early bird redemption....."FRESH OUT" AGAIN?!?!?

    How do we even know that anyone is getting anything?? I'm done with this site...
  • been on lockerz since august and still no prize it always say fresh out.
  • Did someone get something from this website?
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