Lotto Crusher Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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The Lotto Crusher, found online at, is a new downloadable book that says they can help anyone figure out how to win not just one lottery, but multiple lotteries repeated times.

Everett Thompson, a professional statistician, wrote this book in order to answer a question. Why, he wondered, is it that some people play their whole lives without winning while some other people have been able to win more than once?

In order to answer this question, he began calling people who had won more than one lottery to see what they might be doing that was different. This research led him to discover a formula that he calls his Lotto Crusher, and which can be purchased for $197.

How It Works

During his research, Thompson discovered that the vast majority of these multiple-lottery winners had some kind of system they were using to choose their numbers, and though everyone was using their own unique system, there were some general similarities in their approaches.

So Thompson took the different systems, analyzed them, combined the vital components of each system, and added some important principles of probability in order to create a formula so simple that anyone can use it, even if they have never been good with math.

The basic idea behind this system is that you will have to follow your chosen lottery game for at least seven cycles, copying down the winning numbers each time. Then you will need to plug these numbers into the ready-to-go formula, and you will be given the numbers that have the highest chance of winning during the next drawing.

The Problems

Lotto systems in general have been pretty significantly discredited throughout the years, with some statisticians saying that approaching the lottery with a number picking system might increase your chances of winning by a few percentage points, but nothing significant, which means that no one who purchases this book should actually expect this formula to work.

But another, and perhaps more serious, issue with this product is that it isn’t original. There are other similar lotto systems being sold all over the internet, and they are using the exact same story in order to promote their system.

Sometimes the other story will have a mathematician rather than a statistician, and the number of people called before the formula is created will be different, but ultimately all the details are the same.

This is a sign of a completely unethical company, which has a terrible product that they are trying to sell to as many people as possible before their negative reputation spreads, and then they will change their product name, change a couple of the details, and try it all over again. And the fact that they claim to have a Refund Policy is irrelevant – companies like these rarely answer their phone, let alone honor promised Refund Policies.

The bottom line is that customers should probably stay far away from this company and their promises.

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