Media Insiders Reviews – Legit or Scam?
from 1 reviews Review It is the online home of Media Insiders, a company that that says they want to provide people with valuable rewards simply for watching TV the way they normally would on a daily or weekly basis.

Media Insiders is another company that specializes in market research. Their goal is to collect as much data as possible about the way that people are watching TV now that the nature of television watching has changed, due to streaming services and different devices.

To participate as one of their users, you will need to be a US resident, at least 13 years old, with a valid email address and an Android smartphone, tablet, or Kindle Fire HD with 4.0 or newer.

How Does It Work?

To begin with Media Insiders, you will simply need to register, download their mobile application, and then activate the MI Mobile software. The software will then run in the background of your device while you watch TV.

In order to qualify for weekly awards your device will need to be on and active while you are watching live TV and while you are using your device to watch streaming services. Customers will be responsible for any data charges that apply.

You will need to continually use this product on a daily and weekly basis in order to earn your rewards. The website says that your rewards will increase with the longevity of your device use, and that you can also qualify for additional rewards for referring friends and family, and for receiving and completing surveys.

Media Insiders Rewards

Customers will be given 50 points simply for registering for their website and downloading their application. The website then says that you can redeem your points for $5.00 every few weeks, and that there are additional rewards to choose from, including e-certificates, merchandise, and even cash.

It appears that this company actually has fairly decent reviews from their users at this time, with other market research watchdog websites saying that users report that this company does pay their rewards. In addition, having a minimum payout of just $5.00 is generally very reasonable when it comes to market research companies.

If there is a problem at this time, it appears that it is because this company is not very descriptive when it comes to exactly how you will earn your points, when you will earn your points, and how the payout process works. It appears that all these details will be made clear after you register as a new member.

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  • When I started I thought it was great, you didn't have to do anything and the rewards to points ratio was really good. I decided to wait til I had a high point value before I would redeem, this was a big mistake. When I go the email they were closing I went to redeem my points, after a week of emails I was told no- they claim there was fraud on my account ( from sept '16) I never received notification of this and never stopped collecting points. As far as I am concerned this whole thing was a scam.
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